Where Are The 2009 XXL Top Ten Freshmen?



Florida’s own Ace Hood, debut album “Gutta” was released November 18th of last year. The album debuted at #36 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, selling 24,000 copies during its opening week. As of May the album had sold 80,113 copies. His second album, “Ruthless” under DJ Khaled’s “We The Best” and Def Jam labels just hit the stores this week, we’ll see where this takes him. Here are two tracks including his single Overtime ft Akon & Tpain.

Overtime ft. Akon & T Pain
http://sharebee.com/2e9bfc5e (via ONSMASH)

Champion ft. Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross
http://usershare.net/5aikozst4ggg (via 2Dopeboyz)

Industry Impact: 1.5/5
Not many people really know who this kid is yet, and DJ Khaled may be to blame for this one.



Asher Roth can be found “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” or at his blog. Asher has recently been co signed by Eminem and seen stealing Diddy’s slippers.

“Asleep In The Bread Aisle” was released on 4/20. In 5 weeks the album sold a little over 120,000 copies.
There have been a wide range of likes and dislikes of his album in the industry, but Asher can still be caught doing his thing everywhere from performing on the Jimmy Fallon show to having shows in the UK.

Industry Impact: 3/5
I have seen ratings on his album from 2/5 up to 4/5, so I’m going to go with an “in between” here. At the least he is causing noise and seems to have an overwhelming popularity with college students and many celebrities. Not a critic favorite by any means, but who is?!



B.O.B. now known as, Bobby Ray will be releasing his debut album, “The Adventures of B.o.B” under T.I.’s record label Grand Hustle later this year. Bobby has definitely grown since “Haters Everywhere” back in 2007. His single “I’ll Be in the Sky” has acknowledged widely throughout the masses. B.O.B. vs Bobby Ray mixtape dropped a few weeks ago. Bobby covers a lot of oldies on this mixtape, it seemed like it was more about having fun. I wanted a snippet of some album worthy songs, but we have to wait for that I guess.

KidduNot.com [B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray Listening Party] Atlanta from KidduNot.com on Vimeo.

Industry Impact: 3/5
A lot of people have been seen in the studio with this guy, I bet his album is going to be special. Only downfall we haven’t heard much from him.



Johnson Barnes has released three collaboration albums along side of a handful of mixtapes. Blu is best known for his highly praised album with Exile, “Below The Heavens”. So far in 2009, Blu has only been seen floating around on mixtapes, and doing a few notable shows.

Industry Impact 3/5
This is only a 3 because of his lack of recent work. We all know this kids quality of music, but just have not heard anything new in a while.



The man in pink use to be found online in the middle of drama at his blog. In the last few weeks after his Dilla drama, Charles has been m.i.a. leaving a lot of fans worried and disappointed having no “This Perfect Life” yet. Amongst the hesitation of his album to drop, videos of Charles being smacked by his manager have been making plenty of internet noise. “The Perfect Life” leaked tracks can be found below.

Barbara Walters (single)

Tears of Fire ft. Crooked I

Rosado ft. Aja Monet

Industry Impact 3/5
I am a strong believer of quantity over quality, but Charles has delivered both. Charles gave away over 300+ songs for free in 2008. This would be a higher rating but with his abcense lately and no album on the 23rd…it drops.



The Son of a Gun, Peter Gunz, is definitely known for his freestyles. He has had a handful of mixtapes, including his most recent one, “Youngest In Charge”, with Square One. His anticipated mixtape “Gangsta Grillz” is suppose to hit the net very soon. Here are a few songs off of his upcoming mixtape. Cory can be found at his myspace.

Time Keeps Ticking


Industry Impact: 2/5
Despite his great lyrical skill with a butter flow, Cory has been shaping up just to be another mixtape rapper.



I think we can all admit Curren$y has come a long way from his No-Limit days, ever his Young Money days. He has had his feet wet for about 5 years now, and is finally being recognized(thanks to the internet). Curren$y can be found at his site. His next scheduled mixtape is entitled How Fly, a joint effort with Wiz Khalifa and also a play on the movie, How High. Not much can be said about his album, “This Ain’t No Mixtape”, than what was said in XXL mags review. “With chicks, kicks, and whips being the talking points, Curren$y offers little introspection, but the resounding theme is a “fuck you” to the industry, highlighted by anthems of independence such as “Get It Ya Self” and the fact that This Ain’t No Mixtape is an online-only release.”
Industry Impact: 2.5/5
He finally made a jump from mixtapes to an album(online-only), congrats…he still has a long way to the top though.

How Fly Commercials



Despite G.O.O.D. Labels signee’s threats to retire before he even dropped an album, Kid Cudi is being found everywhere. He gained major attention after his mixtape, “A Kid Named Cudi”. Here are a few Kid Cudi online affiliations: kidcudi.com and his twitter, oh yeah and his fan-site (blog). August 25th is the official release date of his debut album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. Cudi has also recently announced his “The Great Hangover” Tour with Asher Roth. Kid Cudi and Chip The Ripper have stated they have formed a group called The Almighty GloryUS, and the single will debut on his album.

New Release:
Do My Do ft Mickey Factz

Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon: the END of DAY from kwest on Vimeo.

Industry Impact: 4.5/5
Cudi is literally everywhere, his style is indescribable. Cudder has definitely been on his grind as of late…and if K West has said your album will be an instant classic, where do you go next? Cudder to the top.



Mickey Factz-“WHO’S HOTTER” (Produced by DotDaGenius) from HeadBanga on Vimeo.


Kicked off this one with a vid. Mickey has quickly gotten his foot in the doors within the last 2 years. Mickey recently has signed to the Roc Nation. Evidence

And if you are still wondering Who The Fuck is Mickey Factz, answer stands here (http://www.sendspace.com/file/mlwve8). Mickey can be found at his twitter or at his his myspace.

Industry Impact: 4/5
Roc-a-Fella album coming soon, nuff said.



The D.C. go-go getter is officially on his grind. He has been on the scene for a few years now, but not that widely known. He just treated us with his newest mixtape Back To The Feature, which has been a great success. Wale is working on his album Attention: Deficit, two videos off the album are below.


Wale was H.H.O.’s artist of the week(June 28th)

Industry Impact 4.5/5
With experience and his proven versatilty and skill (as in the songs above) Wale’s foot is definitely in the door. Wale’s future only has good things in it. Expect Greatness.


Whether it be good or bad, these ten men are here to stay…expect to see much more from them.

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