A S-preme Interview

Hailing from the Windy City, hows the weather today?

It was ok. Not horrible, but I definitely could use some sunshine and warm weather.

First I need you to explain this hair style of yours…


Haha! Well I had braids for 4 years, so when I cut them off I experimented with a bunch of styles, and I landed on this curly mohawk fade kinda thing. If I sleep on it wrong it’s more of a freshly electrocuted look, though.

Now the panda logo everywhere on your dot com, is this a label? What is Lim & Co? lim

Lim & Co is an entertainment company me and my team are trying to get off the ground. It’s in the baby steps/paperworking phase, but the idea is to pool together resources to provide for artists we/they believe in and try and give them a way to get their shit heard. It’s a big vision and we definitely have to take it one step at a time, but we definitely believe in it.

Who is on your music player?

Everyone! Naw, I got a 120 gig iPod so I got a little bit of everything. Lupe and Kanye get heavy rotation. Trey Songz is on constant. I really fuck with Wale in terms of the new rappers. Outside of hip hop and R&B, most of the plays on my iPod come from Regina Spektor and Missy Higgins. Soundtracks get A LOT of spins too (Star Wars, Great Expectations, The Fountain) Chances are, every person on earth would find something they could rock on my music player.

In 10 words or less define who S-preme is.

Star Wars loving lyrical wordsmith muthafuckin’ genius! From the ‘Go!

Who/What influenced you to begin making music?

I was always an artistic person. I paint and draw. That was my first foray into expression. In college it became increasingly hard to do those things and so I started writing lyrics to get that creativity out. I’d say that Vincent Van Gogh influenced me to make music more than any musician, simply because his paintings, specifically Starry Night blew my mind as a kid. That’s what made me want to express my creativity.

From Chicago…are you a football fan and whose your team?

The Bears ya diiiig! I’m not as big a football fan as I am of baseball and basketball, but the Bears get mad love from me.


How was “The Sicktape Vol. 1” a learning experience?

Everything I did before that was just songs. Even my older mixtapes was just doing a bunch of songs and putting em together. The Sicktape was trying to cater it to listeners and having a cohesive unit of songs, so it just helped me learn to hone a whole song to be part of a whole, which led to this new tape picking original beats and creating from scratch! I said SCRATCH!

Production wise, who you got on this next tape?

Let’s see…Charles Hamilton, Soundtrakk, Woody (Woody’s Produce) are the more recognizable names. My homies Mr. Music and BluBlockr are on there. Other than them I have tracks from Aeon, Mylon, Aero-Beats, and MiniMaxx!! Whatupp!

Charles Hamilton has produced a track for you before, what are your thoughts about his Interscope fall-through?

I think it’s a really unfortunate situation. I think Charles, although sometimes a lil outta check, has a lot of potential. He’s definitely a beast behind the boards, and was sayin shit a lot of people don’t say and need to
hear. Hopefully he continues to do music and gets back up on his feet. Setbacks happen. Hopefully he can keep his headphones.

The Sicktape Volume 2″, I’ve heard about the cover…please explain.

Yaa, it’s designed by this girl Erika Simmons aka Iri5. She makes art out of unusual objects; playing cards, records, poker chips…in our case it goes along with the title of the mixtape. It’s pretty sick, no pun intended.

How do you think President Obama has done so far?

Considering what he inherited, I think he’s done pretty well. I think people that say he’s doing poorly were expecting miracles and overnight change, and that’s just unrealistic. All the shit talkin’ is whatever, because I think in the end the country will be better after he does what he does. Chicago representing.

Okay, I know you’ve been waiting for this question. “The Sicktape Vol. 2” has been a year long process…How did this start, where is it, and what should we expect?

Shit, the project originally started as a follow up to the first Sicktape. It was just going to be a collection of hot beats that flows nicely and sounds dope…whack. I think what changed that was the resurgence of the
mixtape really, it’s become necessary to show what you can bring NEW, and not just spitting over a beat 80 other niggas used.

So we scrapped most of what it was and started looking for original beats. I first reached out to Mr. Music, whatup tho, and he gave me a CD full of instrumentals. So from there I kind of developed this concept. It sprang out of nowhere to make the whole tape into a story and then that got the ball rolling. That was back in May. So then we just continued building a library of instrumentals and concepts and tracks until we had what we thought was a good idea. A million edits and setbacks later we’re ALMOST done.

You should expect something that tells a story in a really dope way without being TOO literal. The tape follows a protagonist through his journey towards and fall from fame. It’s not based on “real life” so it really
gives me a chance to explore concepts that are foreign to me, such as drugs and fame. What I think is dope is that the emotions that the songs are fueled by still exist in my life and so the songs are still raw and
relatable. Expect a movie.


Introduce your blog and tell us what all you like to blog about?

Hi! My blog is called Supremacy. The address is blog.s-preme.com It’s basically shit I find dope. I like star wars, fashion, video games, cars, and movies. So it’s a lot of shit like that that I find interesting. It’s
kind of like a cross section of my brain if my A.D.D. was on 10. I also always update it with new music and videos and shit like that. Go. Comment. COMMENT.

Performing which do you prefer, Live Band or DJ playing beat?

I’ve only performed with a DJ, but I’d love to play with a live band. I think, though, that the setup that’s best depends on the crowd. If I did ever tour with a band, it’d be minimal like keys, drums and a DJ. I need
space on the stage lol.

Anything else you’d like to share with us and shoutouts?

Whatup Vick! Thanks to the ReUp Spot for the interview! Shoutout to the sponsors of my mixtape! (Dope Couture, Gowhere Hip Hop, Kevin Nottingham) Whatup Danny, JuJu, Rhymestyle, JRoc and Lim! Lim and Co is twenty ten! Whatup Pro, whatup Krewella! Whatup Anakin Skywalker! Gotta shout out my homegirl Elena, and my nigga B.

Wow that was so BET Awards of me! Seriously tho, check out my blog and my music. Hit me on twitter/spreme or s-preme.com I’m a really weird dude but maaaad entertaining!

S-Preme’s Sicktape: Volume Two Trailer from S-Preme on Vimeo.

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