Adam Reverie – Our Future Is Black

Detroit rising star Adam Reverie is finally back at it after a brief hiatus. In light of the disappointing Mike Brown case, and the violent protesting in Ferguson, Adam decided to send a message to our community with “Our Future Is BLACK”. Adam is known for his witty conscious rap, and this track will not only have you receiving a message, but may even bring you to tears.

“If my voice is heard I’ll Probably get murked
Cuz I ain’t afraid to address my peoples dirt
I seen a Black sell white to a Black
Then blame the White man for a Black mans curse
Less Queens more bitches who can twerk
Less Kings More Niggas pushing Work
Less means more Blacks in a hearse
If it hurts look in a mirror start there first
Ain’t no hero on heroin doggin heroine
Find another addiction than drugs & using women
We’re slowly losing our race when we ain’t used to winning
If we ain’t gonna change now somebody tell me when then
I’m well aware of my actions and too their repercussions
I’d rather take a stand for something than to die for nothing
Even if that stance means I’m all alone
Blacks don’t even love Blacks so God help us all”

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