A.Dd+ Power of the Tongue Mixtape

Duos are hard to come by these days. It’s complicated; almost legendary. Chemistry needs to be precise. But if you’re two similar, it’s rubbish. There has to a difference. Something that makes them polar opposites but compliments each other. Whether it be style, presentation or height, A.Dd+ is the perfect blend and “Power of the Tongue” is their introduction.

Presented by The 808 Studio, A.Dd+ brings you their latest mixtape “Power of the Tongue” with production by J.Rhodes, Goldenchild, Be Easy and Knesecary. The boys of A.Dd+, Paris Pershun and Skinny Hansel also did an interview with us not too long ago to talk about the mixtape and what inspired them to form this groundbreaking duo.

As the countdown has proceeded this past month, I gladly announce that the wait is over. Because if you’re like us here at REUP, our anticipation has profoundly grown as we learn more and more about the boys of A.Dd+. Their “Power of the Tongue” has been a contriving mechanism for these two since a young age which is why it fits perfectly for the name of the mixtape. But if they have taught us anything at all about hip-hop, it would that it does not matter how short or tall you are. Especially not with these two. They are impeccably, sharp-witted individuals as much as they are artists. Let Paris Pershun and Skinny Hansel take you on a journey of power and corruption along with the rise and fall of their tongues. Don’t get it twisted; these two have something much more demanding then the dollar.


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