Adebisi – 80’s Babies

In the mixtape world so many Hip-Hop artists utilize the medium as a selfish showcase of their lyrical prowess over industry beats, not to pay homage to those that have come before them, but to most times say “I can do this better.”

It is this selfish attitude that Milwaukee emcee Adebisi reaches out to change with his new project *80’s Babies*.

*80’s Babies* was born out of the love Adebisi has for the culture that raised him. Hip-Hop has grown leaps and bounds since it’s creation in the late 1970’s and it is out of love and respect for the pioneers of the music that *80’s Babies* was created.

The 18 song ride pairs classic beats and rhythms with Adebisi’s flawless lyrical approach and style, creating the perfect sonic tour for the listener. With the co-sign of Shade 45 diva Mz Stylez and a special moment
of reflection by DJ Green Lantern, this mixtape has every stamp needed to make it official.

01. Mz Stylez Intro/Paper Money
02. Only A Customer
03. Slow Down
04. Number One
05. Cocaine Rap
06. Candy
07. Domination
08. Dope Beat
09. Paid In Full
10. Roll, Bounce, Skate
11. Blasphemy (Blast-4-Me)
12. U Could Be The One
13. DJ Green Lantern Speaks
14. Boy Meets World.
15. Its My World
16. Warm It Up
17. Mz Stylez Outro
18. 80’s Babies

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