“An American’s Prospect”-Michael Blayze (Mixtape)

The day by day clutter that detracts from the conscious thought and actions of everyday life is also that which can bring forth purity; sort of like the rose that sprung forth from concrete. Belief in face value versus excavating for something that is more than what it seems is an inquisitive persona. That mind that can reach outside of itself to build an empire founded upon open mindedness can pave the way for greatness. The path to discover life for myself; to grow forth from actions around and understand what it is to live…that is an American’s prospect.”-Michael Blayze

Promo Vid

An American’s Prospect [promo] from Michael Blayze on Vimeo.

Production from the likes of:
-Force of Nature

From the singing to the rhymes and awesome beats…the tape is well rounded! good stuff!

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