Andrew Lewis – It Was All A Dream… Volume 2

“This project consists of some unreleased material I felt that I should just let you guys have. Just like “it was all a dream…” volume 1; you have some old and some new song. Either way enjoy! Next up “What Dreams May Come”.”

"It was all a dream..." volume 2 Cover Art

1. Intro(Closing In) 01:35
2. No Love 02:25
3. Lights Off 03:41
4. It Takes A lot 04:34
5. Let It Go ft Felicia Ray 04:27
6. Good Love 02:00
7. All I Want Is You ft J.Cole & Miguel 05:52
8. Love Interlude 01:36
9. Call ft Felicia Ray(Unfinished) 03:52
10 We Aint Cool ft Darren Anthony 04:12
11. Time Out 02:55
12. Life is Like a Dream 01:47
13. If I Could Fly feat Submit & Felicia Ray 03:46
14. Break It Down 01:43
15. Dear Diary 04:42
16. Party & Bullshit 04:07
17. In Due Time 03:45

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  1. I heard a songcome on my alarm clock at 4am on a Saturday morning. It was SLAMMIN!!!!!! Nobody said who it was. I couldn’t find a playlist on the station website ( All I knew was that someboday kept singin All I want is you. So I went on an all out search till I found this site! GREAT song! I haven’t had a chance to listen to the rest of the album yet, but I certainly will! This song is a hit!!!! Serioulsy!

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