With songs like “chakra”, “naija chain”, and “gloree” its safe to say Jowin is a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop game. Not only does he spit the truth on the mic, he also makes his own beats…something must people can’t master lol I met Jowin on myspace and we clicked instantly, real recognizes real I guess (shrugs)…not to mention we share the love for video games, good music, and ANIME! Lol so with no further adue I bring to you…JOWIN!!!!

What’s happening my duder? Let the world know what’s going on in the life of Jowin

Wassup dude. Lets see…my next mixtape is nearing the end of the production/musical process, working on alot of visual/video projects for my youtube channel and the anime4breakfast web channel..and last but not least…college.

Sounds like you have a lot going on man! Good grief! College is a task all in its own! Lol so what’s this about anime4breakfast? being an anime lover I just have to know! Lol

Haha yeah it is alot but I manage to juggle. Basically anime4breakfast is a web channel/blog dedicated to anime and the arts. Basically we are bringing models, beatmakers, visual artists, videographers, photographer and ANYTHING art related you can think of together through anime..if I went into detail about what we do and what we are going to do it would take forever lol…the web channel broadcasts 24/7 and
it shows different japanese movies, anime, fashion shows, works of beatmakers…and more…all of it brought together through the love of anime… my homey killboy told me “its what we think adult swim should be”..big things are in store for this and I’m excited to be involved with it through my music. or google it.

Sounds pretty dang intense man!! WOAH I’m excited about it! Ahaha! What are some of your favorite anime series or movies?

Im kind of an old head with the anime series but top 3 I’d say the whole Tenchi series, Outlaw Star, and Gundam Wing..and Akira…word to the wise if you claim to be a true anime fan you must see that movie. It brought anime to the forefront outside of Japan and influenced the art of anime to come after it. That is
one of my favorite movies period. Anime or live action..sorry I’m rambling..but let me say.. I need to see Cowboy Bebop…I’m embarassed to say I never took the chance to watch it yet and finally in terms of somewhat newer anime I guess I’ll say Samurai Champloo, and the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

Man, now you’ve got me hype because factually Akira is the shillznit!! Kanye even re-enacted the hospital scene in his “stronger” video…WILD! And as for me I’m a DBZ/GT, Naruto, fist of the north star, gundam (wing, 00, and G), tenchi, outlaw star, the original ghost in the shell movie, ninja scroll, golden boy and A LOT MORE! So you mentioned a new mixtape…can you elaborate on that for us? What can we expect?

Yo!!! You’re making me want to step up my anime chakra for real yo!! I did not notice that kanye re-enacted that scene til you pointed it out!! And the mixtape it is titled “Transparent/Gray Bookmark” I hate setting dates but ill say spring next year..and to explain the name..I feel as though I have not defined myself yet as an artist and this is my opportunity to do so. In order to define myself I have to make something with focus..I won’t go into complete detail on the things that are inspiring and bringing this project together and giving it focus, but I will explain part of it which has to do with the title….as I have grown as an artist..more and more I have associated music with certain colors…with this project…every song has to have a similar palette for it to maintain a focus…not color but palette…if every song is the same color then that can make for a repetitive project…but how I describe each songs palette is “The moment between when the sun is shining and its about to rain” i feel like that moment could only be best described in my mind as transparent/gray the bookmark part and the title as a whole can be interpreted in so many ways so for the sake of briefness I’ll leave it there

Yeah man I feel that because I think music is artwork and my completed projects are the paintings…every song has to fit perfectly or the image I’m trying to paint for the people will be off…deep thoughts man deep thoughts! So I’m in the car right now listening to “Deja Vu Out Loud” I must say your latest tape is a must have in any mp3 player…what factors inspired this tape and what song or songs mean the most to you on the tape? I have a clue which ones, but I’ll see if the force in me is right lol


Thanks yo!!! Hmmm. Well what inspired this mixtape was…”the makings of me” so to speak…everything that molded me to who I am. It has no general focus because what makes us to who we are is random..I just took every bit of what I’ve been through and put it together. And the songs that mean the most to me because what makes us to who we are is random..I just took every bit of what I’ve been through and put it together. And the songs that mean the most to me? There are two actually.. Naija Nigerian heritage although I was not born there my parents were born there and most American raised citizens with Nigerian parents will tell you that they raise you according to the Nigerian culture..while at the same time…helping you to function in an American society..Nigerian culture has so much to do with why I carry myself the way I do and then Aviators (Reprise) partly because I took my most popular song that people usually associate me with(Aviators) which doesn’t represent my true current musicianship, changed it almost COMPLETELY, and then made into something that does…and I had alot fun with it..its different. And its a glimpse into what Im trying to do with my sound in the kind of distant future.

Yep! My guess was right…naija chain and chakra have to be my faves…I like how you spoke on africa in that song…you broke that stereotypical view of africa…because people tend to think Africa is just a poverty stricken nation, but fail to realize it does have its middle class, and upper class just like the US and
how everyone from Africa isn’t dark…gooood stuff man…so what kind of music can we find you listening to?

Ahhh ok…The Pharcyde, mostly anything J Dilla produced (R.I.P), Flying Lotus, Outkast, Andre 3000’s solo stuff, early Nas, and very recently I just now started seriously listening to Mos Def. He has moved to my top 5 MCs ever. Possibly top 10 artists..he is revolutionary.

Those are some good choices!! So stepping away from music and dipping in to fashion, how do you feel about skinny jeans? Lol if you feel like me then you know the clothes don’t make the man nor artist, the man makes the clothes!

You’re right. Fashion to me is not about what I’m wearing its about how I’m wearing it and my confidence in it. People say this and that..”skinny jeans are for gay people” and stuff like that, and I use to feel the same. But as my interests in different cultures became more broad I started seeing the beauty in everything. I hang around some people who don’t dig it. But because of my confidence they respect
me still…thats fashion. I just like expressing myself through clothing no matter what it is. Its not about skinny jeans its about whether I’m happy with what I’m wearing. I’m just glad this jerking thing is dying down so people can stop asking if I do it.

Dude I feel you 100% I feel we as african americans need to open our eyes and see the full picture before its too late, too much ignorance is floating around…so I know that you’re a gamer, what are your top 5 fave games of ALL time! One of my fave fighters TEKKEN is dropping #6 tomorrow! So stoked!

Yeah it seems to be only african americans trying to bring the negativity about the way i dress..and tekken 6 huh? Nashville has an up to date arcade here..and i played tekken 6 at the was awesome..and top 5..Super smash bros melee is my all time fave game..there is an underground hardcore tournament scene alot of people didnt know about that i stayed up on, Thousand Arms (ps1 rpg),
fallout 3, street fighter IV, and pokemon (sonic the hedgehog 2, and sonic adventure 2…gets honorable mention)

Man…I haven’t even played it! The arcade here is lacking! But…they have a lot of marvel vs capcom games! Lol so where do you see yourself by the end of 2010? Are there any labels looking at you or are you working something out behind the scenes?

Now I can’t talk about it if its behind the scenes can I? But there are some. Time will fully reveal the details to my me there are talks going on. But like my clothing..the label doesn’t make me or the music.

That’s so true man, as long as you keep putting out real music, REAL listeners will respect and follow your moves! I wish you well young jedi! Lol so are there any shout outs you would like to give?

Everyone who likes my music and has reached out..thanks..




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