Artist on Artist Interview Presented By C.B.TV with Kid Thuro

As you know at REUPSPOT, we like to venture outside of the box. Here is the first artist on artist interview of many to come with C.B.TV.

As an artist I show respect to all those who are trying to make a difference…one individual who stood out the most to me was 20 year old Divonne LaVan…Kid Thuro aka The Guru. He’s a lyricist to the T hailing from Nebraska; now residing in Warner Robins GA. Ever since we met over myspace we’ve been making heat together. Now that I’ve set the mood let’s get thorough with thuro!


What’s happening man? How’s it going on your end?

Well you know music of course, working on the side keeping some extra bread in my pocket until that signing day

Dude I feel that! Minus the job! It’s hard out here for a skinny pimp lol speaking of music, what do you have on your plate right now? What can we expect from the Guru?

Lol, you already know, but I actually just got done recording a freestyle mixtape called “Rubix Muzick” and yes ALL my verses were off the dome. That project will be dropping tonight and it also has a couple features, and after I get the go from management a more official tape will be in the works…I could go on all day so
let’s just say

ALL freestyles? Dude that takes talent! Because believe me it’s not an easy task for everyone! Lol so what’s this I’ve been hearing about you working on an EP? And will C.B TV be able to get a beat in on there? Hell maybe a verse? Lol if you can, break down this project for us.

Hahaha, well yeah there is a little something im cooking up behind the scenes. As of now I really haven’t solidified features you know how I am with that, but you will probably defiantly hear yung malo and elhae on a record each and you already know I always got a record for you fam! And heck yeah send some beats guru


that’s what I’m saying man!! Lol and I got you! I’ll work on that TONIGHT! So, the last drop you appeared on was “The Anatomy” and I must admit I still jam that tape…tell us a little about the group Nu Breed and how it came to be…because you all have diff styles but they all mesh so well together like an outfit with supras

Haha supra love indeed, but NuBreed stemmed from a conversation myself and yung malo had almost 2 years ago about standing out as artist and not conforming to added as of now however I am solo, but that will always be the squad most def.

Niiiice, but 7? Lol tried to start a mob huh?? Ahaha so what influences you man? Like outside of music and in music? What make you kid thuro? Sorry for the delayed question…I’m at Popeye’s…you know how that goes lol! BOSS mode! Lol

Lol, save me a leg fam.but everything influences me mainly life because that’s where a lot of the subject matter comes from in my verses, but of course a multitude of artists, ex-girls literally


I’m influenced by some of the same things man, but stepping from music, let us know what a day in your life is like? Is it like MTV cribs?? Mine is like that, minus the awesome stuff lol

Haha, well not that over the top. More like work, studio, write.confrence calls. If im not working im writing or recording, and eating in between that. lol

Sounds busy there guy! How’s the music scene out there? I mean you’re pretty close to the trap capitol of America…how does that affect the groupie loving? Lol I mean, they want Gucci but your sound is a polar opposite.

Yeah very true being in the midst of the south makes my sound unique so its actually helped and as far as groupies…ahem…they’re not ready for me to hit the radio or them jk. haha

Ahaha better watch out!! They are devils! Lol so being a young ninja like myself…I know you’re into style and ish…so what could I find in your closet? Besides a blow up doll and pokemon cards lol

Lol, no worries fam they know what it is, but my closet? Hmmm mad Nike SBs and supras mostly SBs though that was my kick from the beginning…ummm mad comics, scarves…that’s my thing, and purple that’s my favorite color besides black shout out HOV lol.

HOVA! Lol speaking of that ninja…how do you feel about his career as of right now? BP3…eh…”American Gangster” should have been BP3 in my opinion, much better in my book.

Im glad he’s back. Now album wise American Gangster was a great concept and nicely put together classic indeed, but BP3 was just ugh (pusha’s voice) anybody that ever doubted his ability is wiping piss and doo doo from their face. Amazing album.

Ahaha I wouldn’t say all that, but it was good lol so with music evolving over the years how are you preparing to adapt? Because I’m always looking for a change, any new ventures for you? New genres?

Honestly hip-hop is my home.There is a number of artists outside of the genre that i definitely work with to broaden my horizon and add a new flavor to what I do.

I smell that, I’m trying to become well known in diff genres…so what are you doing to make a mark in the game, what will separate you from these other new cats in the game?…because there’s like a million lol

Basically me as a person, meaning that my life leaks into my pen, my pen hits the pad and you get…me so anyone who listens to me can relate because I’m spitting life and who cant relate to that right?

That’s so true man! If you can’t show people you’re human then they can’t really develop that relationship that you need to get you that respect you want! Any last words for the people? Any shout outs? (Jay-z roc boys plays)

Oh yeah most def shout out Rocket!, Elhae, L-9, Malo, Avi, King Blue, J.C and Kenroy, My family and God for making me ill and my pinay lady friend Nikki K. :)

Download Rubix Muzick


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