B-Side – Peep This

“I heard this beat at a Beat Showcase Sacramento Knoxx did when he was in Detroit. We had talked about working together in the past, and he told me that if I heard anything that grabbed me to let him know. This was the one that grabbed me. It was very grungy and in-your-face, and I knew it was something that not everyone could spit over. So when I got his blessing to use the beat, I knew I had to come correct. I figured this would be the type of beat you could spit all the way through on, as long as you made your bars count.

Hip-Hop Culture has always been alive and flourishing here in Detroit, and artists from all walks of life end up crossing paths and working together. I decided to use the beat as a forum to talk about Hip-Hop through my eyes based off waht I’ve seen as a member and as a fan, but I wanted to make sure it came off genuine and not pretentious or judgmental. Growing up in Hip-Hop you are there for all the changes, for better of worse. So I decided to address these things in my verse. I touched on how Hip-Hop applies to me, the lack of social commentary, the generation gap, the petty divisions amongst us, and anything else I could think of. Then I made sure I threw in some boasting and wordplay to balance it out. DJ Sicari’s scratch at the end is the icing on the cake, and he cut up what I would consider to be very pertinent lines to the song.

So there you have it…”PEEP THIS” by B-Side, Produced by Sacramento Knoxx, Scratches by DJ Sicari, Engineered by Horatio the Best Man

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