Big Trouble with ‘Big Trouble in Houston, Texas’

This is by far the shittiest post I’ve ever had to write. Anybody that knows us, knows that we’re all about positive progression of real, dope hip-hop. (Raw Hip-Hop Dope. Served Daily. – our tagline.) We try to never be on negative shit. But we feel we need to share this info, specifically because we support real, dope hip-hop, and real dope MCs.

Over the year or so we’ve been covering shows in Houston, we’ve become very cool with D-Risha, and really enjoyed his music. His latest album “Big Trouble in Houston Texas” even got a nice write up in the Houston Press. I remember reading it at the time, though I guess I did not realize it was a two page article. Because at the top of the second page, it’s pointed out that one of the lines was ‘lifted’ from a Grindtime Battle, as they put it.

That came as a shock to me. But as a fan of battle rap, and having actually seen that Math Hoffa vs Iron Solomon battle several times, once it was pointed out, I remember the line. So, while it fucking pained me to do so, I did a little checking to see if that was the only instance. Unfortunately, it was not. I’ve found 3 bars that, to me, are undeniably a bite. There are 2 other bars, that could be coincidental, but in light of the 3 bars, (and the fact that one of the coincidental bars comes from the same sort of battles, around the same time, as the other confirmed bites) it makes that seem less likely.

Again, this all was a shock to us. But as supporters of real hip-hop, it’s not something we could sit on:

Track: ‘Smoke in the City’ –
D-Risha’s Line (@ 1:00) :
“..wants to go against my axis of evil, you’ll be down for the count, like dracula’s people”

Iron Solomon – From Iron Solomon vs. Math Hoffa (Watch)
“I’m the axis of evil, leave you down for the count, like dracula’s people”

D-Risha Line (@2:27): (Though, this one may honestly be a coincidence)
“Eat your favorite MCs like animal crackers, and spit em all back out like a cannibal backwards”

Eminem Freestyle (Watch):
“Cause animal crackers is what I do when I eat MC’s like a cannibal backwards”

Track: ‘Shake the Heavens’ –
D-Risha’s Line (@ 0:37):
“It’s gonna take a lot more to stop my progression, better get some wise protection, or sign from Heaven, or George bush’s signed confession for 9/11”

Bender – From Bender vs Scott Free: (Watch):
“get iced and deaded, like cryogenics, out shine my presence? you have a better shot at george bush’s signed confession of 9/11”

Track: ‘Set Me free’ –
D-Risha’s Line ( @1:51):
“If you can see the fact of, my cannibal eating habits, an actual re-enactment of national geographics”

High-Collide – From High-Collide vs Madness (Watch):
“when I rip MCs, you watching a cannibal’s eating habits, throwin a battle with me and madness, and this turns into an actual re-enactment of national geographic”

Track: ‘Fast Forward’ –
D-Risha’s Line (@46): (Though, this one may honestly be a coincidence)
“on the top is where i stand, you don’t like it raise a grand.. cheatin on a math test, you got a problem on your hands”

Skelly – From Skelly vs PH (Watch)
“He’s pushing 40, he’s always speaking in the past tense, but now he’s got a problem on his hands like he’s cheating on a math test”

Really shitty situation. And the worst thing about it, and this is why you should never bite, is that the majority of the lines on his project are probably his. But because of these 5, I will now doubt every line he says. Which sucks, but that’s how it is. Just to let y’all know, I spoke with D-Risha before posting this, so he could hear this all from me first, and know that this post was coming. I gave him a chance to send me his side of the story to include with this, to be fair, but we did not receive anything.

We support dope, real hip-hop. Biting is not real, in our opinion.

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  1. Its good to see the reup spot smiling and laughing in rappers faces and then going behind their backs and write trash articles that were already written by Houston Press. Guess when in doubt write about the ones who make you revelant… follow @htxrapcrap

  2. @Htxrapcrap; This was not something we enjoyed doing, at all. D-Risha is someone we’ve become very cool with over the past year or so. And yes, a support of ours. Which made it even more difficult. But biting is something we feel strongly about, and wasn’t something we could just ignored. This is also something I just found out. (Like I said, missed that in the Houston Press article. This is not a re-write, clearly though, as it has new facts and links.) We did not “go behind his back”, though. I spoke with him before I posted this, and even gave him a change to respond.

    Bottom line, is we support real, dope hip-hop. Always have, and always will. The reason we had to post this is because we care so much about real, dope hip-hop. Again, this is not something we enjoyed doing.

  3. What up yall, before i respond to this i want to make it very clear that i spoke to Nick about this at SXSW and we both spoke our peace and i said everything i needed to say on the issue and he did as well. So what im gonna speak on here is anyone who is a fan of D-Risha and feels a certain way.

    First off as an MC your integrity is ALL you have and the words you bring to the people are the most important thing. I would be a fool to believe that i could lift every one of these lyrics and serve to people on a platter for everyone to believe that they are my own.

    In all honesty (no diss to Nick) there was more time put into this article and the research of it then i would have had to put in to physically sit down and watch these videos, then write em as my own, then record it, then mix/master, get artwork done etc…. You see where im going with this. Besides me being an MC and doing 2/3 show a month i have full time job which limits the time i have to watch youtube all day.

    One thing that i do wanna say is articles like this breed negativity to an already small scene. See Reup has people that are gonna follow him no matter if hes wrong or right and fans of D-Risha are going to do the same so it forces people on the fence to make a choice. So if people didn’t like me having success already then they are happy for this article right now (Fuck D-Risha) and for others this is very confusing to them. To sum it up this situation already divides a fractured scene which shouldn’t go on any further.

    In conclusion, just to make it very clear i DO NOT agree with this article or the accusations made and i will stand by my artistic integrity until the very end. I would NEVER in my life steal from another to make myself look better thats a cowardly move that no one benefits from. I am only responding to fans of D-Risha who may get confused, if you didn’t like me to begin with than continue throwing the party. Peace yall

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