BIGCRAZ313 – “Mr. Turner” (Prod. By Tony Factory) [Video]

The Viral Video Cracked Me All The Way Up! Now BigCraz313 Is Working With 'Mr. T'

Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

If not, ask BIGCRAZ313 for some of that green nugget (that Kryptonite; you’ll get it after you hit the jump). And pour yourself a drink or four (but DON’T DRIVE)!

Coming to you live… on the livest music video… from central booking the dirtiest part of the Dirty Glove (Detroit, Michigan, The 313, USA)… by way of West Durty South (Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Titletown, USA)… Iiiiit’s Biiiiig Crrrraaaaz! Ready for a lyrical rumblllllle!

I present to you the “MR. TURNER” video from the project “PHANTOM ZONE.”



Born in the shadow of The University Of Alabama, but Mark Avery never dreamed of playing for The Crimson Tide… okay, maybe for the school band… but even that was a short-lived hankering. Nah, Mark’s true “instrument” is his voicebox. And he’s dreamed of performing with that as BIGCRAZ313 (and repping his second home, Detroit USA) most all his life. Besides, his younger brother would come along and handle all that music stuff (his bro, beat beast Sam Peezy, you know him; now known as Tony Factory or TF for short).

So here they are: The Forgotten Kryptonians – TF and ‘Black Superman’ aka BIGCRAZ313. Now that that ‘green Kryptonite’ is getting decriminalized, they have been released from the “Phantom Zone” to drop their EP. Check it out!

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