Block Bleedaz: Marco Pavé Obscure Reality

“There is a rebirth brewing on the Memphis Hip Hop scene and Marco Pave`, is poised to lead the revival. This born and bred Memphis native is an amazing lyricist with a distinct style and charisma that appeals to the triple crown of rap enthusiasts: the purists, the radio lovers and the eclectic hipster. With a laid back demeanor that contradicts his energetic music and performance style.”

“This is my neighborhood. I’m from Crosstown. Well, most people would consider it North Memphis. I’m North Memphis born and raised. I’ve been rapping for ten years, but professionally, one-and-a-half, going on two years now. My real name Tauheed Rahim II. It’s my government name (laughs). It comes from my Islamic background. My parents are Muslim, and I was raised a Muslim child, and that influences a lot of my music because I saw two different sides [of life] growing up in North Memphis. I could go inside and maybe get in trouble for doing something bad because my dad always stayed on me. Or I could go outside and see crime. I wouldn’t say it was great, but it really molded my future, because I could see both sides of the fence.”

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