Breakfast Uv Champions – Weekly Highlights of Hip-Hop; The Music & Culture – Week 5

Tune in every Monday Morning for the latest “Breakfast Uv Champions” column, written by Nasty Nique, of the Houston Hip-Hop group Dirty & Nasty.

DZA Da Don – Southern Fried Ice Cream

I really wanted to hate this video. Lord knows I really wanted to hate this video, but I can’t lie the name of the song piqued my interest. And there’s a lesson in that b-boys and girls, a catchy name or project cover is all it takes sometimes. I like everything about this video: the old school Raekwon part in the hair, the purple reel-to-reel effects, Boobies in Vicky Draws, and of course the best Ice Cream in the world Blue Bell straight outta Texas Muhfucka (Banana pudding is like heaven, Disneyworld, and a Purple slab all rolled into one scoop). For the video to be so short it has a cinematic quality to it. I like Dza da Don based off of this one video and I’m going to go checkout the rest of his catalog. And as a rapper that’s all you can ask for.

Guatemalan Bill to legalize all drugs

Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina is proposing that Central America legalizes all drugs in order to end cartel violence all together. The plan would be to regulate the drug trade and tax the hell out of drugs. Not a bad idea but I really like this because it will let you know where politicians and countries really stand on the issue. Image your favorite drug dealer turning into a legitimate Forbes business man (see: Jay-Z) or reporting your dopeman to the better business bureau for shorting you on an ounce.

This proposed bill raises a lot of curiosity, ideology, and questions about the legality and morality of laws and how they intersect but my main question is how the cartels feel about this. On the surface they may be happy but if you really think about it they benefit from the outlaw status just as much as the people chasing them benefit from gaining hero status. Heroes need Villains and vice versa. If drugs become legit business what’s to stop a company like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or even McDonalds from using their mega corporate bucks to open up 24 hour dispensaries thus eliminating the cartels?

The smart cartels would be able to roll it into a legit business, while the hacks will suffer and evaporate. But the inner conspiracy theorist in me says that this will never happen because to many politicians’ got too much money, career, & status wrapped up in the war on illegal drugs(you see what the FDA lets big pharmaceuticals get away with but that’s a whole another conversation) to make it actually go away. The war on drugs is what gives politicians’ a moral compass or the appearance of one.

Frankie G Da Mex – “Otis Flow (Screw)”

Everybody from Jadakiss to J.Cole to Justin Bieber hell even Riff Raff of G’s to Gent reality show fame has a flow to Otis. Otis is just one of those beats(ironically like H.A.M.) that lends its self to every dime store rapper wanna rappity mc rap on it better than the original rappers on it. Frankie G da Mex from Denver Harbor, Houston, Texas lends his streetwise swagger and fresco fashion sense to this beat. Simply put I just like the flow and the way that it bounces to the beat. It reminds of alotta cats that I grew up rapping with, just raw, straight forward and to the point. Meat & Potatoes flow, but Frankie G got his Cassius Clay on a bit on this song. Plus Screwing up an already dope flow is always a winner in my book.

Nike5 Street Gato Leisure Soccer Shoes

The beautiful game vs. the city’s game. Soccer vs. basketball. An argument one of my best friends and I have had since high school. Which game has the better athletes? Which game has the better fans? Who has the most spectacular plays? Those questions can go either way depending on who you ask, but one argument that undeniably and without hesitation went my way since the start of this debate was the question over footwear and style.

Basketball shoes have for years had soccer shoes beat in the style department. Well this spring I will be a groomsman in his wedding and he, a former college soccer player & coach, are having the groomsmen rock indoor soccer shoes with our tuxes(of course with approval from his fiancé also a former soccer player & coach). The Nike Gato are the ones we will be rocking. I prefer the Black/white/lime color way myself but they didn’t have my size, so I’m going with these bad boys.

Thanks to Gilbert Arenas & Kobe Bryant my mind is now open to the idea of rocking a sleek low top shoe and causal soccer shoes might be the way to go. If they all look like this then I might hang up the Hi-Tops forever…nah but these kicks are still fresh though.

Jeremy Lin

This dude is a grinder. This dude is such a grinder that dude should be a rapper. From Undrafted to the D-League to starting point guard in the mecca of basketball Jeremy Lin is the epitome of the Biggie line “from Ashy to Classy”. NBA Marketing gold, Jeremy Lin is the first Chinese-American born player in the NBA. For those that don’t understand this is what the NBA sees: First Chinese-American born player X playing in New York City = $$$ A gajillion jerseys sold in China $$$.

Plus he is making history too. Lin has scored the most points in in his first four starts than anybody in NBA history. Ahead of MJ, ahead of Shaq, yes even ahead of ball hogging Allen Iverson. Supposedly he wants to be a minister in 3rd world countries when he retires so the man really is like a Basketball’s version of Tim Tebow. Better yet he is Basketball’s version of Willie Beamon (cue the music and girls in gold hot pants). #Tebowing

Obey’s Shepard Fairey Dallas TX Murals by Contemporary Art Bus Tour

Now this event just past this weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but I thought it was noteworthy of mentioning because it is an interesting way to do an art gallery showing. Instead of just going to one art gallery to view pieces, Obey is taking folks on a bus tour around the city to see various murals. Dope! Being that Shepard Fairey at his core is graffiti based stencil artist, what better show room for a graf artist then the work he/she has put up around town? What better canvas to truly see a graf artist in his element than the side of a building. To me this is a perfect fusion of graffiti culture & patronage. Nothing really gets compromised by doing it this way.

RIP Whitney Houston the voice of a generation, you will be missed.

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