Breakfast Uv Champions – Weekly Highlights of Hip-Hop; The Music & Culture – Week 6

Tune in every Monday Morning for the latest “Breakfast Uv Champions” column, written by Nasty Nique, of the Houston Hip-Hop group Dirty & Nasty.

Mattel’s Back to the Future Hover Board

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First the Nike Mags, now this…finally. And the lord said let all the 80’s babies rejoice. Toy supergiant Mattel has come out with the hover board from Back to the Future more than 2 decades after the movie’s release, but my question is how com this didn’t happen much sooner? Who as a kid didn’t have dreams of soaring through the clouds on a fusion powered skateboard as soon as they saw Marty lace up those Mags? This toy would have KILLED the market if released in its heyday. Hell if they make skateboards like this I kind of wanna learn how to ride one just to cross something off of my bucket list

DJ Sober and A.D.d+ Valentine’s Day Mix

Three of Dallas’ finest bring to you the love mix to end all love mixes *POW*. No not really but these bubbling Dallas stars do give you a mix worth doing a number of things to: clean your house, ride to the store, or simply do what the lovers do. Call-in style fully equipped with quiet storm advice and all.

Nike Fuel Band

The latest concoction out of the Beaverton, Oregon labs measures your life force so to speak. The Nike fuel along with being sleek and stylish Using a built-in accelerometer, this innovative device tracks not only your runs but all kinds of activities—from basketball and dancing to dozens of everyday actions—then translates your moves into NikeFuel, a fitness score to be measured against other fuel users. I had a Nike band similar to this a few years ago that you could link to your iPod. Nike might of jumped the shark with this one but hey it’s still fly though.

Wiz Khalifa Open Letter

Courtesy of Pairadime Music I found this letter that a stoned Wiz Khalifa address to his fans in a granddaddy purple Capt. crunka cripplite blue berry haze. His perspective is interesting on it and I don’t know whether or not he is the originator, cause after all Wiz is essentially a mash up of ’88 Too Short, ’93 Snoop, and an ’10 Curren$y with a “Calibamaberg” accent, but he did usher in an era of stoners being truer to themselves. Yes I know the blonde streak and camo shorts are uber trendy, but it’s the spirit of that fashion statement that people are trying to latch onto. The whole me against world, just me and my band of misfits type of attitude and independence that most people wish they had in their actual lives.

I personally believe artists like Curren$y kinda re-created the model on how artists can make money and be viable again and that is thru niche marketing and smaller shows while Bun B helped to create the model for a rapper pension/retirement plan thru shirt/event collabs, intimate live shows, & appearance (equivalent to when hall of fame athletes go to card signing shows). Wiz brought indie rock flair to the game that works for artists who are great live performers creating a symbiotic relationship between fan and artist. The way it should be. Below is a copy of Wiz’s letter to his fans.

“Im high as fuck and don’t even know to start this so ima just say thank you to everyone who’s supported the TAYLOR GANG movement and showed love up to this point. We’ve all grown so much since i first came onto the scene and most of all inspired a whole new generation of muh fuggas who aren’t afraid to be themselves and unite. Before there were Taylors, the game was lacking fun, unity, positivity, and love for one another. Shit, your favorite rappers weren’t even getting paid well. You guys changed that, and the game shld forever be in debt to you. I remember getting 500 dollars for a show to fly out and see kids who had no idea what a wiz khalifa was, and you crazy muh fuggas showed up. Had a great time, and spread the word. Its ya’lls spirit who revived the rap game and brought back the true art to this shit. Your demand for live shows made it possible for a lot of rappers to come from nothing and feed their families. Promoters too, more kids are managers, dj’s videographers. Shit everyones eating. Thanx to you Taylors!!!! Take credit for that shit. Lol

Moving forward we gotta take that positivity with us. There’s tons of different crews now which is so inspiring because people are finding their own voice and unique lane. As Taylor Gang WE FUCK WIT EVERYBODY. We aren’t afraid to say we’re fans of other artists and bump their music, go to their shows and promote them to the top. Showing equal love. Thass Taylor’d. Dont What we say goes. Not them. Thass what started this whole thing regardless of what people think. Sayin fuck them and doin what makes us feel free. Don’t let anyone take ur view on things and twist it against you. Dnt let em make you feel like you weren’t the first.

Anyone questioning my choice in clothing as of lately (lol) I’ll just go out and say that it was needed. In a climate where everyone is looking and sounding the same, i always try to inspire my fans to be different. And i lead by example. At one point the way I used to dress was considered “different” but now its very much the norm and accepted. This is cool. This what we do it for, but the next step had to be made. I’m older, my wife is a supermodel, and imam trippy ass nigga. My clothes reflect that. My toms cost $45. My Louboutins cost $2500.

Moving on to the music, I haven’t been this excited about any of my projects ever. I remember when i made kush and orange juice, I listened to it and knew I had created a new genre that wld change music.The mistake i made on Rolling Papers was thinking it was time to move on from that genre not knowing that it had impacted people so much. The album did great numbers, but creatively wasn’t my best work. No regrets though. We live and we learn. So for my fans sake and own personal enjoyment, Ive gone further into the world we’ve created and elaborated on our genre with the mixtape Taylor Allderdice and of course my sophomore album ONIFC. Im so confident in the artistry and creativity of these projects because so much living went along with them. These aren’t songs aimed to be hits or widely accepted or even understood. Iss for people who live like us and can relate. And informative to those who can’t. Either way we’re inviting mu fuggas deep into our world and I can’t wait. I got new visuals, a new clothing line, and the new show is gonna be amazing. This is for us. Taylor Gang Or Die.

– O.N.I.F.C”

Krokodil: Russia’s Designer Drug That Will Eat Your Flesh

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In Mother Russia you don’t eat drugs, drugs eat you. Now this is by all means NOT one of my favorite things. Drug abuse is very tragic on the addicts and the toll it takes on their families but this tid bit of information I stumbled across was to interesting to pass up so I’m sharing with the class. In short there is this new designer drug over in Russia called Krokodil (Russian for Crocodile based on what it does to users skin) which is to heroin what crack is to cocaine. The drug is cheap and easily accessible because is a derivative of Codeine, of which you don’t need a prescription to get in Russia.

Good for Sizzurp purple lean sippers (Mayne hol up its goin dine!), but not good for Krokodil users. When properly manufactured in a scientific lab, the drug itself or the high that comes from it is not deadly. What is deadly is when people cook it up at home and the chemicals they use to cut the codeine with to start synthesis of the drug. Hydrochloric acid is one of the byproducts left over from cooking Krokodil. The Hydrochloric acid eats away at the injection point of the drug leaving that part of the skin open to gangrene, rotting, and other diseases. What is so crucial about the drug is that the high only lasts about an hour and a half and the withdrawal symptoms are so immediate and painful that users get caught in 24 hr cycle of cooking and using the drug.

Also withdrawal symptoms can last up to 30 days so so much for trying to kick the habit cold turkey. Russia has a real epidemic on their hands because they don’t have the proper governmental infrastructure for a state sponsored drug rehabilitation program. Drugs like this scare me. One step closer to the apocalypse.

50 Mistakes Guys Make Dressing

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Here is a nice little chart below for the fellas of fashion dos and don’ts courtesy of Complex magazine. I myself am guilty of a lot of these mainly 1, 6, 11, and 18 so I’m looking to this chart to help shape up my ways. Ahh David Landry would be proud.

Secret Game (Film)

I’m real big on documentaries and learning new things, but I am not a big fan of reenactments unless done with creativity, passion, and conviction. This is one of those films. This is the story of a game that was played in the segregation era between an all-white Duke medical school team and an all-black North Carolina College, reportedly one of the first of its kind. The acting is incredible in this film and does a good job of portraying two different worlds and the hurdles, physical and mental, in overcoming decades of oppression. It’s a good piece of basketball history too as it highlights John B. McLendon Jr. one of the innovators of the run and gun style of play.