Breakfast Uv Champions – Weekly Highlights of Hip-Hop; The Music & Culture – Week 7

Tune in every Monday Morning for the latest “Breakfast Uv Champions” column, written by Nasty Nique, of the Houston Hip-Hop group Dirty & Nasty.

Esi Juey-“Bring Me the Chalupa”

I got a chance to see Esi Juey(pronounced Eastside Jewy) perform live in Denver, CO this past December at the 5280 Awards show. It really was something to behold. The hardest thing in the world is to get up in a room full of other rappers; especially ones considered your peers, rap and have them genuinely like your music.

In a show (and a crowd) full of excellent rappers, he had the song of all songs that night. We I tell you that he had the crowd moshing and going stupid, I had never seen an underground rapper have such an anthem for their city. I mean I know that it happens and all rappers are underground until they are found but I had just never experienced the process.

Esi has the same kind of appeal that a Lil Keke or a “Dopeboyz” era T.I. had that whole Boobie Miles hood hometown hero sort of vibe. He strangely enough reminds me of a Denver version local Houston rapper Doughbeezy. He rocks the crowd in the same kind of way. He dresses in your basic hood attire. Plain hoodie, baggy jeans, and some J’s. Fresh fade. Nothing too special or too Hollywood, just hood status. Rhyming for respect. Rhyming for his side.

Atslopes Clothing

Founded in 2010 by Art Director/Designer Andrew Thompson AT-SLOPES creates one of a kind tees & posters. Atslopes pulls its inspiration from symbols of the 80’s and 90’s youth culture. The key is in the details of presentation. The look of the page is clean and precise, bright and vibrant, I like the website because when you scroll over an image, the models shift like a holograms into another image; that was a first for me. Their brand since August has sold over 900 shirts in the USA & worldwide on top of being featured in Slam magazine. My faves are the Mr. T shirt and the Ice Cream cone sweatshirt.

Rob Gullatte (formerly Kritical) – “I’m Ridin Round”

SouthWest stand up (Dubs Up, Never down)! Here is the first official release from Abortion produced by Fred The Producer. It’s got some Houston staples in it with the slowed down repeating hook over a crunk trunk banging beat with a written freestyle type flow. I can see the boys over on Fondren & W. Belfort ridin high to this one. Dubs Up!


Another in the pocket classic from Spitta off of his new project Here EP. Curren$y is funny to me cause he just be rappin about nothing on top of nothing but he keeps it fly & fresh and he is a testament to the DIY attitude that is starting to spread throughout the game. He knows his niche and he is not scared to appeal to it.


Here is a picture Jon Black performing live at Dirty & Nasty’s FOOLS’GOLD EP Release House party this past Saturday at the House on Washington. I would just like to say that Jon Black is quickly becoming one of my favorite live performers. With or without the drummer, spacious or intimate crowd, rolled up and smoked up, Jon Black just kills it with a smoother than your coffee shops finest delivery. Also in the building was Renzo with his nice mix of standup comedy and catchy hook writing ability.

Just imagine Robin Harris with 50 cent’s hook writing ability and Devin the Dude’s storytelling ability. Now roll it up and ball it up into a drinking & driving Houston package and you have Renzo’s set. Laughs and good times all around.

Knscry brought his mix of East Coast lyricism, hard rugged beats, & stick-up kid battle attitude. Very professional. The Mighty D-Risha had the crowd moshing and the floor bouncing with his super powered infused set. The surprise of the night was most definitely Rocko. While I’ve know this cat for a long time so it was no surprise to me when he ripped the mic with his brand of battle rap & bravado, imagine the surprise of the crowd when they see this stocky Filipino cat rocking glasses, a blazer and some Mardi Gras breads hop on the mic.

Half awe stuck, half mind blown, Rocko amazed with his short set and then disappeared as fast as he appeared on the scene. Then of course Dirty & Nasty hit the stage. Now I’m not going to be conceited enough to write about my own set but I will say this: We performed the 7 song EP in its entirety with the help of DJ Arsnik, Kyle Hubbard, Mic Skills, and the lovey miss Kam Franklin(specials thanks) and that I am very proud of this project. But Breakfast Uv Champions is all about judging for yourself, so here’s a link to the project:


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