Breakfast Uv Champions – Weekly Highlights of Hip-Hop; The Music & Culture – Week 8

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Schoolboy Q – Druggys with Hoes Again (Ft. Ab-Soul)

“Them niggas thought I had a laxative, now aint that some shit.” And with that live this jam by TDE representas Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul took off like Jordan from the freethrow line in this ode “Druggys with Hoes again. “Theres about 7 to 8 different distinguishable flows on this song, and that’s a conservative estimate. His last verse about “X-tra pills” is ridiculous about how he made one word rhyme with itself so many times. Schoolboy Q and Ab-soul mos definitely weren’t afraid to experiment with flows on this one. And that is what really pushes this song, the multiple flows building upon each other. The visuals for this song are like a mini movie Belly mixed with Menace (II Society).

Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance

“All of us would be Angel$ for that Pujols bread”- Joe Budden
The Slaughterhouse logo kinda sums up what they are about: slaughtering all of the pigs in the industry and they are not gonna run around doing the hammer dance to do it. Well it seems like they have there own form of a Hammer Dance that probably involves real hammers. Lyrically smashing up the industry is what I imagine. But at the ends of the tips of the hammers crossing are triggers as “in cock the hammers”. I could see underground heads smash dancing to this. The Sounds used on the track sound like a mix of the movie The Terminator and Dilla style production. Mix all of that in with supreme lyricism and you have an explosion of the underground up into the surface.

The Niceguys Feat. Bun-B “Ari Gold Remix”- Video

Danny Ocean does it again. That’s all I can really say about the visuals on this song that looks like it could have been a video off of the Blueprint 3. The mix of heavy rock over for the verses and Jazz over the hook gives the video a nice dynamic over the original. Actually I really like the smoothed out jazz contrast to the rock parts.

Rap Genius
You ever wonder what a “Baked ziti is” or what hell is a Busta Rhymes is saying? Then this site is for you. This website is every rap geeks wet dream. With articles like “ Professor Rapper: 7 Uncommon Black History Facts as Told by Kendrick Lamar”, “WTF is a Basquiat?”, “Tyler, The Creator vs. Woody Allen” and “Bricks to Billboard, Grams to Grammys: Rap Genius’ Top 25 Jay-Z Verses” there are plenty of jewels here to keep the staunchest hip hop head busy for hours.

Classic Old School Jersey

I stumbled across this cool little site that specializes in custom one-of-one jerseys. This website will custom hand-remake any jersey from a photograph you send to them using quality materials. COSJ has done remakes for the stage and for Kansas State University so they seem pretty legit. Pretty cool if you wanna relive your glory days as point guard for the Westland YMCA.

Less Quantity, More Quality

RIP DJ Screw. There is a long list of artists, known and underground, in the city keeping the memory and spirit of your originality alive and well. #RSA

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