Buckchild – The Fun Rap Mixtape


Get buck to “Fun Rap!” The Berkeley native, Buckchild just may be the most dangerous artist you’ll ever come across.  This vernacular bay area rapper shreds through samples your DJ wouldn’t dare jock. But for Buckchild, it doesn’t matter. No biggie, just a small town artist who lives in a world unimaginable for others. He has played the game and came out as the “Dancing King.” Not by playing Dance, Dance Revolution for the thousandth consecutive time in a single day, but rapping over an ABBA song. Seriously, that’s tough. Not to mention he’s “Mr. Roboto.” I don’t mean to pun off of his songs, I’m just hinting towards what’s to come from the Metal Mouf himself.

Honestly, coming from my own perspective this album will hit you hard. Perhaps not like being hit in the face with a four finger ring, but waking up the next morning with an entirely new perspective of hip-hop. And I kid you not. I am not over-exaggerating. I woke up listening to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”
and realized how abstract and oblique it would be as a hip-hop song. And I knew I wanted Buckchild was the only rapper and producer on the face of this earth capable of making it after what I heard on “The Fun Rap Tape.” But it doesn’t stop there for Buckchild’s endeavors. The actual reason behind the mixtape is to showcase his conquest towards starting his very own record label to be damed, Fun Rap Records. Which would be incredible sight to envision; an entire fleet of rappers showcasing fun rap.

However, Just like REUP & DJ jAck’s “The Independent Crowd,” (which features two songs off of “The Fun Rap Mixtape”) Buckchild released his on July 4th as well; with the intensions to set the mood right at bbq’s and cookouts nationwide. So if you haven’t downloaded it already, your Independent’s Day probably spoke for itself and wasn’t all that great compared to ours.

But don’t fret! You can still listen to the album during day trips to “Outerspace,” in between drug deals or even at the beach while playing a high stakes game of volleyball. Anything is possible when you’re having fun, so download it. This could be the most innovative mixtape to be released by an independent artist and lyrical composer this year. Not to mention the download includes three different versions of the cover to keep your eyes as excited as your ears.

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