Bumpy Knuckles x Nottz – “Check It Out Yall” feat. Biz Markie (Video)

From the fully Nottz-produced project with Bumpy Knuckles, POP DUKE.

Awww daaaamn. They didn’t have to do the cute girl at the start of the ‘talent show’ like that, did they? Well, yeah, they did. She was missing the kind of talent we need for the stage show. But get her number (to talk about her other ‘talents’ maybe).

Ha! Knucks and The Diabolical doing the Biz on that Nottz beat though. Fun dope visuals for a boom-bap banger. Cool.

So these two old guys crash a talent search for kids and bully their way into an audition. What starts off as an uncomfortable situation for the judges, turns out to be pretty refreshing because there is nothing like pure, real, raw Hip-Hop.

In this video, Bumpy Knuckles is played by Biz Markie and the role of Biz Markie is played by Bumpy Knuckles.

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