C. Ghetto – The Opening Act Mixtape: The Birth of an MC

This was released last month! 6 tracks of unreleased and NEW music from Charmingly Ghetto. Follow the
rhymes as CG flows over classic beats with timeless lyricism.

1. 1 More Rhyme 03:33
2. Embrace The Rooftop 02:25
3. Stay Positive 02:58
4. Dice Game 2011 feat. Static 02:16
5. It’s For The Hood 03:30
6. The Plight feat. Colo 03:33


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  1. Raw, Dope, Fresh, Refreshing… I can go on and on! This mixtape definitely reinstates a positive feeling of hope for the future of hip hop! CG’s work is without a doubt the real meaning of “living above the influence” Looking forward to hearing more!

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