C.B.TV – Endless Waltz

Well its finally here! my 20th bday and my FREE album…“Endless Waltz” as some of you may know its anime inspired and all aspects of the album were done by me! Yes I made all the beats and etc, please dont ask me who produced it lol Im very proud of it and I feel blessed to even be in a position to make music and have people around me who are interested in it! The title is named after the a Gundam Wing movie but it also has a deeper meaning, I would go into detail about it but i like to let people draw their own conclusions. Special shout out to Jowin for coming through on the album (“Soul Reaper”) because of his song “Chakra” I was able to start the album. The homie BZ for getting on (“Golden Boy”) and making it like one of the coolest songs ever lol. Kid Thuro for coming through on (“Soul Reaper”) he did 2 different verses for the song, what a boob lol. Juni-o for giving me the tools needed and motivation to make original songs….and last but not least all the supporters, blogs who posted my tracks/vids, and listeners and potential fans!



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