Charles Hamilton – StarChaser Radio 2:Back to the Future, Back to the Haze

New Charles Hamilton mixtape, StarChaser Radio part 2. Read his wacked out email below.


This is a personal email from Charles Hamilton, which already sounds like it’s not a personal email. But it is. Listen. A few of you might not like my “antics”, but projects/mixtapes/albums like this is why I am the way I am. Meet Corpy, aka Corporate, aka Haley Mathers. We are all aware of supernatural abilities, and the transformation people can pull off when standing either in the mirror or in the dark. Such paranormal biologic occurances are not uncommon in showbusiness, but with her father being hailed as God, her back story is as intense as the many characters she’s played in Life: In Cinema.

Not even 18, she’s sold well over 32 million copies under the moniker 50 Cent. Her satirical approach to introspective commentary mirrors the political rampage of MF Doom, and once you figure out who she is (as far as her being 50), you almost instantly cry. Yes, she has been exploited by Marshall, and songs like “Many Men” and “High All The Time” are GRIM… and I mean GRIM visualizations of her everyday life as Slim Shady’s daughter.

I had a very difficult time accepting Mathers Family Matters, considering I saw Corpy as my high school houligan friend, and for almost 12 years, saw Eminem as a hero (though finding flaws in his insurmountable dominance). And when looking back from my perspective now, it almost seems like a fairy tale in sci-fi world. Haley’s Comet is landing, and here I am with “open arms and open eyes”, waiting to catch her.

There are more sides to her story than being a “flowing white girl”, even though she kicked ass as Invincible (little known femcee from Detroit). She is also my exotic/elusive significant other, Simone Porter. We go at it almost as her mother and father do (excluding double entendres, to protect her privacy), and she is a hothead.

As far as being an MC in the role of Corpy, her off beat flow BETTER raise your eyebrows, as you all have made her and her conglomerate very wealthy. Her “flow”, her “shows” brought “her” the dough… her father brought her… press play and understand.

Again, to deny supernatural activities means to deny one’s on existence, so keep an open mind, and make sure… (takes off blazer)… make sure you truly open your heart to Haley. I love her, as we all do.

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