Charmingly Ghetto x Abib Jahleel x J-Coop – SuaveHaus (EP)

The ‘SuaveHaus’ EP is a musical collaboration between Charmingly Ghetto, Abib Jahleel and J-Coop; a collaboration not only meant to pay homage to a vintage sound of Southern Hip-Hop, but also meant to correctly portray a perspective some can’t seem to grasp anymore – narrating real life stories through music, in a raw and genuine way.

1.Oh Lawd
Feat. Abib Jahleel, J-Coop & Charmingly Ghetto

2. SheetIoneenknowyet
Feat. J-Coop, Truth, Will, and Charmingly Ghetto

3. Touche
Feat. Charmingly Ghetto & Abib Jahleel

4. Mack Man’s Lude
Feat. J-Coop

5. Airborne
Feat. Abib Jahleel, Truth, & Charmingly Ghetto

6. Vox Populi
Feat. J-Coop, Charmingly Ghetto, & Abib Jahleel

7. Once Upon A Rhyme
Feat, Abib Jahleel, Truth, & Charmingly Ghetto

8. What You See
Feat. Charmingly Ghetto & Bridget Perez

C.R.E.A.M (SuaveHaus Resurection)
Feat. J-Coop, Keith Charles, Spacebar, Weedy, Truth,
Abib Jahleel & Charmingly Ghetto

Production Credits:
Introspective Minds & Str8outdaden,
Keith Charles Spacebar, DFrank and Evildewer

The trio came together after C.G. and the Thumbs Up crew (Abib Jahleel and J-Coop) connected through a mutual friend, Introspective Minds – whose production you can hear on the self-titled EP. The talent was undeniable and respect was earned between the three members. SuaveHaus eventually came together as these three up-and-coming artists realized some of their similarities, and embraced their differences.

“SuaveHaus came about after we realized our similar tastes in music and our influences. We all felt that perspective 8 Ball and MJG had on their records was their own narration of the realities around them and it was always delivered fervently, no matter the subject matter.” – C.G.

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