Chris Brown never has a shortage of things he has to get off his chest. He’s been gearing up to drop his upcoming Heartbreak On A Full Moon double disc album next week and has been making more appearances lately, at least more so than usual. Earlier today, he let off some steam during a long Instagram rant.

Brown posted a picture on Instagram that read, “Made a habit of shutting down conversations that involve hating on other people.” Fair enough. However, with all the hate that he’s received, he felt the need to address some stuff. He kicked off the rant with, “Take it how u want but due to the fact I have to defend myself for winning is a damn shame!”

The other day, he performed a free concert in New York City, a few days ahead of his album.  Something must’ve sparked some sort of frustration in him. He continued to say, “I CAME TO NY FOR A GREAT FREE CONCERT.IMA FINALLY SAY THIS SHIT… IM THE BEST OUT OF ALL THESE ARTIST AND I WILL NOT ALLOW U BROKE FOLLOWING NEED A HOOK FROM CHRIS BROWN SO YALL RECORDS POP TO SAY OTHERWISE! YALL BETTTER START SHOWING SOME FUCKING RESPECT AND ACT RIGHT.”

He continues by saying that everybody needs a hook or a song from him. However, after saying that he goes onto list his accomplishments, namely the three platinum singles he has under his belt ahead of his album dropping. He also says that he directs, edits, arranges his vocals and “make u hate me,” before making the bold claim, “IM THE FUCKING BEST! SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, ACTAULLY GET A WORK ETHIC AND GRIND BECAUSE IMA OUT-HUSTLE, RAP, AND SING BETTER THEN ALL YOU SCARED INDUSTRY NIGGAS!”

During his rant, he also says that he’s been in the game much longer than the people out right now, which isn’t a lie. He’s been in the game since he was 16 years old and his career is still striving. He later posted a picture of a long line of fans outside of his concert and said, “The industry ain’t about none of y’all! ITS ABOUT THESE INSPIRATIONAL FANS! ❤️ ( ok… got that shit off my chest)”

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