Chris Rivers – “N​.​A​.​S​.​A.” feat. Oswin Benjamin (Prod. By Rod The Producer) [Video]

'Collision With Earth Is Imminent'... N.A.S.A. We Have A Problem (Actually 3... Rivers, Benjamin, and Rod On The Beat)!

Give that boy some SPACE!

Hey yo, yo. What up, yo… You got that “G.I.T.U.” yet tho’? You need to bro. You, too, sis! Cop them sh!tz. Not because I said so (which, I mean, ought to be enough by now, buuuuut), but because it’s loaded with dopeness like “N.A.S.A.” (video above)!

The Greatest In The Universe crash lands on Earth and takes dead-aim at the traps of modern life. While decrying the dim lies of clout, and the indelible need to find the real ones to hold you down. This is Chris Rivers declaration to the insincere who want to crowd: give a man some space. Featuring guest vocals by Oswin Benjamin and production by Rod The Producer, Chris River’s “N.A.S.A.” is the anthem for those tired of the fake. Add to it, there is also a flawless “Pakinamac” homage.
– Mello Music Group

And don’t ask me what’s with all the acronyms. Maybe Rivers explains it on the “G.I.T.U.”



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