Cloudy Uchiha – “Shot Caller” feat. 1iSinny (Prod. By DJ Creecha)

Elzhi's Little Bro Steps Up And Calls His Shot

Brassy horns envelop your ears at the opening of this braggadocious, and confident track from Detroit emcee Cloudy Uchiha. A sharp lyrical display with intricate rhymes is layered over kicks and snares masterfully constructed by DJ Creecha. 1iSinny joins Cloudy in a tit-for-tat of Hip-Hop back-and-forth sparring. “Shot Caller” is that banger that will make you feel like you banged your head by the time it’s over.



Cloudy Uchiha (BIO) – The limits go beyond the clouds for Jamar ‘Cloudy’ Powers, a songwriter, performer, rapper and event planner from Detroit, MI. Growing up with a debilitating bone disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, proved hard for the young emcee. But as others his age picked up sports and other outdoor activities, Cloudy picked up a microphone and controller.

A fervent gamer, his pursuits in major league video gaming were shifted to Hip-Hop by the inspiration of Jason “Elzhi” Powers (Slum Village), his mentor and eldest brother. The local Hip-Hop scene embraced Cloudy’s witty delivery, intellect, innovation and flow. His improvised rhymes are reminiscient to the raw freestyles of Detroit’s Hip-Hop Shop on 7 Mile Road.

– Borderline Music Productions

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