“Cuff Your Chick,” Natstar Is On The Rise

Ayo, what up with Natstar?

Man, I been grindin like crazy bro. Just doing what I can to get myself out there ya know…

I’ve did my homework…you’ve done some BIG things. Give us a little bio of the work you’ve done up to date…

Well up into this point as an artist, i’ve done of course “Cuff Your Chick” that’s getting crazy spins out there now (Thanks to all my DJ’s), the joint “Gorgeous” with Kanye, and many many many remixes I can’t even name, lol. As far as production, I’ve worked with Camp Lo, Ski Beatz (Jay-Z, 50 Cent), Double E (Missy Elliott Reality Show), Blackstreet, Nappy Roots, Sha Stimuli and couple lost mixtape joints for Lil Wayne…

Thats huge man, congrats on all the hard work. What has been the biggest learning experience?

For me, would be not to expect a lot out of people you would expect to do things for you. Sometimes you have to just trust a good 1-2 people and do the rest yourself…

Alright, you dropped the “I Am Legend” mixtape earlier this year…does itgive a preview of what to see on your album or are they polar opposites?

Well, yes and no… Lyrically it’ll give you a taste of what to expect when the album drops. As far as the feel, the album is gonna have a very different feel from anything you’ve heard in the game now PERIOD. Gonna be

What inspired your upcoming album “Change” and what are we to expect upon the drop of it?

One of my biggest inspirations behind the album title “Change” was Barack Obama. What he was able to do to win people over and the election was amazing. I was very inspired and it only inspired me to want to do the same in this music business. Change the way we listen to music, Change the sound, Change the approach, Change the GAME!

I can respect that. Any features on “Change”? Why or why not?

Hopefully yes. I’d love to collab with Ryan Leslie. That would be the ultimate collab! Also, want to work with new and upcoming dope artists looking to get that break as well.

That would be a dream come true for me to work with that man. So like Ryan Leslie you rap, sing, and produce…Pick one!

LOL! I Can’t… I’ll have to let the people decide!

I knew that was going to happen. What is like being signed compared to your previous Independent hustle?

Honestly, it’s no different to me. I hustle harder being signed actually. Just means i’m under the umbrella with the rest of the major artists trying to work my way up the priority pole.

Heard that! I saw you were part of RollingStone.com news section, how does that make you feel?

It was a blessing! I just happened to be googling myself one day and that popped up and I was blown away. I appreciate the staff over at Rolling Stone for that!

LOL @ googling yourself. Lets take one step away from music here..Whats a man like yourself do in your spare time apart from making music?

I’m a family man. I love spending time with my wife (www.veewess.com) and my 2 kids Jada and Skyy. Besides that I play B-Ball and workout in my off time as well. Oh, and I love to travel and vacate (like most people)…

Good to hear that. Do you still live in Charlotte? How does being from North Carolina influence your work?

Yea i’m still in Charlotte. Believe it or not, thanks to technology it doesn’t have as much of an impact as it normally would. It’s not a lot of music opportunies here in Charlotte; however, I use the internet as a means
of communication and promotion, and also do a LOT of travelling! lol

One last one…Who has been your favorite artist to work with?

Well actually he would be considered more a producer but Ski Beatz. He’s my mentor. One of the most creative people I know in the biz.

Thanks for your time, Shoutouts?

No doubt, first wanna thank God as always for strength and perseverance. Shout out to my Wife Vee Wess (www.veewess.com), my kids Jada and Skyy (Happy 6th B-Day Jada 7-18-09), Shout out to Rod my partner (Jatis Records), Jay Turner my manager (NV Entertainment), AC Stowe my dad, Fontana Distribution, Universal Music Group, all my DJ’s and all my fan’s! Last but not least, shout out to REUPSPOT.com!

I Am Legend Mixtape & More…

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