Curbside Jones – Pink (Kick Starter Promo)

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Video Concept- As Curbside Jones is meditating he is met by his dragon who delivers him an unidentified flying object- It appears to be a bow. As Curbside examines it he feels it pull him to the forest entry near where he resides. Once the bow comes to a halt it transforms into a beautiful woman, she smiles then maneuvers through the wood thicket. Intrigued Jones chases after her with the wind at his back. Once they both clear the forest Jones sees her hovering in mid air, flirting with the drop of a cliff. He doesn’t bat an eyelash and rushes over to grab her from falling, but she transforms back into a bow and flees. Jones, now falling from the colossal cliff begins to think it’s all over until his dragon grows and catches him before hitting the ground. As the two soar through the air they follow the bow with hopes of finding out who…or better yet what this woman is. Will their journey lead them to this woman? Will they fail or succeed? Is death around the corner? The concept of the video is based on the song, which poses the question many of us ask ourselves…What is a dream? Can Curbside Jones maintain the strain on the thread holding his reality and fantasy world together?

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