Curbside Jones-The CBE Files

Since the Reup sponsored project “The Cherry Blossom Effect: Endless Dream Theory” was released (8/15), Curbside Jones has had 3 interviews! Much love to TST, Rautten Culture, and Seikyou Clothing!!! Very good interviews with very good content…find out what is going on inside the head of Curbside Jones.

Thought provoking lyrics, captivating instrumentals,and extraordinary concepts is what you will find on Curbside Jones latest project Cherry Blossom Effect:Endless Dream Theory. Handling a majority of the production, almost all of the writing, and even engineering the entire project, Curbside Jones orchestrated an incredible work of art. I had the chance interview him and we discussed the CBE, how the project came about, his favorite songs, and much much more. Enjoy.

Above is a sample of the interview with TST

Click Here To Read TST Interview
Click Here To Read Rautten Culture Interview
Click Here To Read Seikyou FLASH Interview

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