Curbside Jones-The Cherry Blossom Effect: Endless Dream Theory (Album)

This album is to be interpreted as the listener sees fit. The Cherry Blossom Effect is a journey through a confusing, yet life changing part of my life. I won’t go on about the album because it’s better heard than read…

Enjoy -Curbside Jones

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Sakura’s Eve

Sakura’s Eve (Short Film) from Curbside Jones on Vimeo.

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Special thanks to all those who contributed

Knatasha Chambers (
BeRight (
Corey Arnell (
Blck Ghost (
Kool Quise (


Jerry Manning Jr (Curbside Jones)

Curbside Jones
Corey Arnell (Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks)
BeRight (ZombieKing3000!)

Written By
Jerry Manning Jr (Curbside Jones)

Album Art
Jerry Manning Jr (Curbside Jones)

Knatasha Chambers (The Theory, Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks, White)
Blck Ghost (Neon Lights)
Kool Quise (Pink (Act II))

Jerry Manning Jr (Curbside Jones)

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