Death to Mainstream: Hip-Hop Competition (Not Freestyle Battle) Final Round

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at the Death to Mainstream Competition for the finals. Created by our family Silent of the Horsemen Alliance, with DJ Creap on the turntables, and hosted at 20 Below Sports Lounge.

Death to Mainstream is a three part competition, where the artists perform their best songs and are judged on: Originality, Word Play, Delivery, Stage Presence, and Crowd Control. This is NOT a freestyle competition. Artist’s are performing written songs.

The overall winner gets a $3000 price package including: a Professional Video shoot from Blaze Media, a verse by Universal Recording artist Rob G, a recording session at the state-of-the-art Barron Studios, an Exclusive beat from X Class, coverage by yours truly,, and more. The idea of the contest, is the winner will be given the professional tools needed to compete with artists signed to major labels.

(If you missed them: Watch the First Round / Watch the Second Round)

Final Round time. Play time is over folks. Though, the first and second round where hardly easy. Both rounds had a lot of great competition. Just a reminder, the acts competing for the grand prize package are: Calamity, Dream Team, Marlo the Great (Stick Up Kidz), Mike Ro, Fullmetal F Dot, and Alibi Rankz.

Show opener was Mike Ro. He brought fellow Ill Faded Fam, Domino, with him for the performance. As you can imagine if you’ve ever seen an Ill Faded show, they commenced to wreck it. Mike Ro controls the crowd and maneuvers the stage well. He’ll also probably ask you to shout “ILL FADED” at some point during his performance. Do it, folks. Good set, and a competition-intimidating opener to the contest finale.

The snapback rockin’ Dream Team was next up. As with the first, and only, time I had seen them before, they came with a crazy amount of energy. Cocaine would tell them to take it down a notch. Beats are super Southern, and they’re pretty good at the baller/club tracks. Would like to hear some tracks on different topics, though.

Marlo the Great, and to a lesser extent the Stick Up Kidz, where next on deck. Marlo and one of the Stick Up Kidz kicked the set off, and the others joined them for the rest of the set. Marlo is pretty dope. He’s got good lyrics, and the beats they use are solid. He needs to be a little more energetic with it, but all in all, he has a good stage show. When the rest of the Stick Up Kidz joined him on stage, it got a little hectic. At one point, the big guy in the back, don’t know his name sorry, was lip syncing. When the judges mentioned it, he said it was because his mic didn’t work. If my mic didn’t work though, pretty sure I’d be shouting that shit to make up for it. Fucka technical difficulty.

Calamity, the new comer, was up next. His message and lyrics are dope, and are real hip-hop. He’s got something to say, clearly. But, it was also clearly his second live show. He was improved from the first show though. He seemed less nervous, and was interacting with the crowd a bit more. Once he gets some more stage experience, watch out for this kid.

Alibi Rankz’s turn. Dude has a large amount of material. Not throw away verses either, dope, deep shit. He had some new songs specifically for the competition, and overall put on a great show. He embodied the whole ‘Death to Mainstream’ message when he addressed the crowd. People where ready. He’s always real and personal in his delivery. One of the judges, X-Class, said “I’m glad your from Houston”. I agree.

Fullmetal F Dot finished up the finals. Oddly enough, he was flying solo tonight. No Bandtastic Four. Which actually, in this contest, may have been a good thing. Because this way the audience, and more importantly judges, could focus on what he was saying. Which where some very dope lyrics, as it where. Intelligent hip-hop, with a message, as well as a heart. For instance you probably won’t hear him rapping extensively about a fashion trend. But I digress. Very dope set as always.

Now, comes decision time. After some deliberating from the judges, they gathered on stage to make the final announcement. It was decided to announce all of the rankings, not just 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Drum roll? Or whatever would be appropriate for hip hop. Maybe an 808 drum roll?

6. Marlo the Great & Stick Up Kidz
5. Calamity
4. Mike Ro
3. Dream Team
2. Fullmetal F Dot

And the winner is:

1. Alibi Rankz

Congrats to Alibi Rankz, he definitely deserved to win it! So you can expect some dope new shit from Alibi Rankz in the near future. Including a video interview/feature, which we’ll be posting in the next couple of weeks. Along with what I can only assume is going to be a dope ass video from Blaze Media. They do good work.

Thanks to all of the Sponsors: Blaze Media, Barron Studios, Rob G, X-Class Beats, and to all of the artists that competed. And a huge thanks to all of the awesome fans that came out to support! Without yall, none of this shit would be possible.

Pictures and Videos below. You can also view the Youtube Playlist of the Finals on our YouTube Channel.

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