Death to the Mainstream: Hip-Hop Competition (Not Freestyle Battle) Rnd 2

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at the Death to the Mainstream Competition for the 2nd, and last, qualifying round. Created by our family Silent of the Horsemen Alliance (Check out his new video Ft. Rob G for their song ‘We Got It‘), with DJ Creap on the turntables, hosted at 20 Below Sports Lounge.

Death to the Main Stream is a three part competition, where the artists perform their best songs and are judged on: Originality, Word Play, Delivery, Stage Presence, and Crowd Control. This is NOT a freestyle competition. Artist’s are performing written songs.

The overall winner gets a $3000 price package including: a Professional Video shoot from Blaze Media, a verse by Universal Recording artist Rob G, a recording session at the state-of-the-art Barron Studios, an Exclusive beat from X Class, coverage by yours truly,, and more. The idea of the contest, is the winner will be given the professional tools needed to compete with artists signed to major labels. Very dope idea, and a great prize package.

(If you missed the coverage of the first round of the competition, check that out here.)

Judges for this round where: Kid Chris, Chris Folmer (President of Space City Records), Tony O from Push Thru Entertainment, and Kyle Hubbard. Dat Boy Poyo was a judge for the first act, but then switched out with Kyle.

First act up, from Austin, Texas, was called Triangles In the Sky. Aka T.I.T.S. See what they did there? The group consisted of a rapper, and drummer. For full disclosures sake, I’ll let y’all know I’ve know the rapper in the group for a while. Went to the same highschool. So, I already knew he could spit. That was years ago as well, so, I figured there would be improvement.

The group together is pretty dope. For sure different, in typical Austin fashion. I do mean that in a good way, though. The music itself was a mix of hip-hop & rock, with electronic undertones. Lyrics where dope, and spit pretty rapid fire.

KC OG & Kwatrain where up next. New group to me, which is another reason I’m loving this contest. Putting us on some previously unheard dope local (and some non-local) acts. KC OG originally tried to bring the drummer from Triangles in the Sky up. That didn’t work so well, as it where, but they kept it moving. Songs where pretty dope. Beats where ok, nothing crazy. Lyrics, and the delivery, where on point. Kwatrain seemed to like to go back and forth between straight spitting, and singing/harmonizing his lines. Energy of the pair was good as well.

Next on deck, Calamity. The tracks he had where dope. Was a fan of the lyrics, and really all the beats used. He did look nervous though, and not very confident on stage. Also, keeping your verses on your show tracks is sort of a pet peeve of mine. But, this was also one of his first live shows, so you gotta give the kid a break. Again, the songs, beats and lyrics where dope. Once he gets more comfortable on stage, he’ll be an act to watch out for.

Dream Team was up next. They rocketed to the stage. I say that, because they had a shit ton of energy. I believe Silent asked them how many Red Bulls they drank before they came on. Beats where jammin. Some good ole’ Texas shit. Lyrics where cool. Topics, I’d take exception to, mainly because I don’t wear snap backs, or particularly like full songs dedicated to Snap Backs. (‘In My New Snap Back’ was one of their tracks.) They where live as fuck though, and got the crowd moving. Entertaining show all around.

Technique, out of Katy, was up next. One of the more gangster acts of the night. Him and his hype man had a good amount of energy, and commanded the stage. Lyrics where ok. I think it was more the delivery that made some of the lines hard to understand.

Marlo the Great, of the Stick Up Kidz, took to the stage next. The rest of the Stick Up Kidz, except one who acted as hype man for the night, where too young for the 21 and up club. We’ve posted their music before, pretty dope. First time seeing Marlo, or any of them for that matter, live. They had a decent amount of energy. Could have been picked up a bit, though. All of the tracks where on point. Lyrics and delivery where good. Looking forward to seeing all of the Stick Up Kidz perform together.

Who’s next you ask? Star Scream, that’s who. I kept getting that name and Dream Team confused all night. Probably had little to nothing to do with the booze. Though to be fair, they also both had 3 people. Two of which where wearing 3D glasses with no lenses. So there’s that. Music was dope though. Beats where sick, and also very Texas. Lyrics where pretty dope. Good delivery, good energy as well.

Following Star Scream, was Bay Boy. We’ve seen Bay Boy perform once before, about a year ago, at one of the first REUPSpot Lives. How time flies. His tracks and stage show have improved since we last saw him. He had a good amount of energy, and was rocking’ the crowd. Lyrics and delivery where on point, and beats where dope. He also had a guitar player with him, which sounded really good with those beats. Overall a good set.

The homie J Hurdy was up next. We’ve been fuckin with J Hurdy since the beginning of REUPSpot Live. He’s got some really dope tracks, and delivers them well. As the judges pointed out, it would have been good if he had a bit more energy. Other than that, dope set as usual.

After a short decision break, it was time to announce the nights winners. Third place, in Round 2 of the Death to the Mainstream Competition, is Calamity. Second, Marlo the Great. And finally, the first place winners of the night, Dream Team. Holy shit where they excited.

Now these 3 finalists will be going up against the finalists of the first round, on October 15th. In case you’ve forgotten, the finalists from last time where: 3. Full Metal F Dot and the Bandtastic Four, 2. Mike Ro of Ill Faded, and 1. Alibi Rankz. Some steep competition. These finals are going to be really dope. If your in the Houston area, make sure you come and check them out live.

As always, pictures and videos below:

Here is an additional video recap that Marlo the Great and the Stick Up Kidz (Who won 2nd place) made:

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