Devin Miles – The Cure

Everything starts somewhere…

I’ve always thought it was important to know the beginnings of things you encounter, or things you like.. I got a story to tell, a lot about my growth in this industry that you may not know now… but you will.
Bet a lot of you didn’t know I engineered and produced long before I ever rapped.. Or that my best friend of 8 years and manager Zeke denied my request to manage me because he felt I wasn’t ready yet but was always waiting for the moment.. Or that I used to kick it wit Mac and smoke and listen to beats or kick it on the porch all the time.. Or that I made hundreds of songs before I let anyone hear any of them..
There’s a lot I want to share with you… The good, and the bad.. Through the bad we always search for The Cure…. We tend to always find something that makes us happy….. but does it?

The Cure (Prod. Kyle Justice)

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