Does Troy Ave Hint At The Possibility Of Testifying On TaxStone?

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave raised some eyebrows with the release of the video for his song “2 Legit 2 Quit.”

On the explosive 2: 54-minute track, Troy Ave directly addresses a deadly encounter inside of Irving Plaza in May of 2016.

 Troy was involved in a confrontation with podcaster Taxstone, which led to a shootout in the middle of the concert venue.

When the gunsmoke cleared, Troy’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter was dead, and three other people were seriously wounded, including Troy Ave.

Troy, born Roland Collins, maintained he took the gun from Taxstone and turned it on him, while steadily denying he would have gunned down his own bodyguard and friend.

Police eventually recovered evidence linking Taxstone to the gun that was used to murder McPhatter, resulting in Taxstone being indicted for the murder in July of 2017.

On “2 Legit 2 Quit,” Troy Ave asserts that he will be taking the stand against Tax and it’s underscored by the visuals accompanying the lyrics.



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