Drakes – So Far Gone (Reviewed)

Below is a review for Drizzy Drakes mixtape ‘So Far Gone’. So much hype has surrounded this tape and its let up to his debut album. I’m going to show you, in text, why there is so much hype, be sure to grab the tape from the download link at the bottom of the post!


1. Lust For Life
Excellent track, the beat is made up with bongo sounding drums. Drake starts the mixtape off with his singing/rapping skill. More of a heartfelt songs with lines “They tryna shoot down my plane, before it lands” Etc. The song really takes off when Drake beings rapping “You could miss me wit all that, diss me then crawl back, I really wish ya’ll would fall back, but gettin’ rich ‘spose to solve that”

Different sounding beat, which kicks off with Drakes singing. Very catchy chorus “She just stuck in Houstatlantavegas”. Although the track seems more of RnB based track it really heats up when Drake starts to rap towards the middle of the song. “We all got dreams and we all star reaching, all star peakin, all star weekend, one hotel room and all ya’ll sleepin”. This is a great all round track but Drake is still holding back on the rapping part.

3.Successful ft Trey Songz and Lil Wayne
The first collaboration of the mixtape and its an amazing start. With Trey Songz on the hook and Weezy finishing the song strong. Another dope chorus leads to an even better start by Drake “Oh yeah Trey I fuckin feel ya, they be starin at the money like its unfamiliar” and “Lotta ya’ll still soundin like last year, the game need change and im the mother fuckin cashier” are the highlights of Drakes 1st Verse. His second verse only continues with pure crack, “My girl love me but fuck it my heart beat slow, and right now the tour bus is lookin like a freakshow”. The third verse follows suit with “this lost boy got fly without peter pan” and “Call me shoppin bag drizzy, or call me mr. damn he isn’t coppin that is he?” and “I always treated my city like some shoulderpads”. This now leads to Weezys verse which concludes the song. I wont quote Waynes verse because this is a Drake review. But its dope!

4.Lets Call It Off ft Peter Bjorn & John
This song is fairly abstract, starts up for the majority of the song with Drake singing, Peter Bjorn and John add in a nice catchy chorus. But once again Drake really fires the song up when he starts to rap, which is around halfway through the song, but the rest of the song is a build up to it. “Leave me leave me, I cant fuckin’ stand you, wish I had the courage to say everything I planned to” and “I don’t really feel that, I just wanna turn the wheels back, give you all your sweaters and your heels back” Were Drizzys Standouts.

5.November 18th
Another different song, with a Biggie sample in the background, Drake’s rapping is almost in a whisper. Song is pretty laid back, Chorus is solid again.. had me singing it after “Dripped up Draked Out”. Drake planned this one better, with rapping at the start then second verse was singing.

6.Ignant Shit ft Lil Wayne
Over the classic beat, this song is pretty much just a rapid fire dope bar bananza! Lil Wayne at the end comes with a lot of heat. Drake has plenty of dope one liners “What I say just never seems to extinguish, coolest kid out word to chuck inglish!” – “the same niggas I ball with, I fall with, on some southern draw shit, rookie of the year 06 chris paul shit”

7.A Night Off ft Lloyd
This song purely shows Drakes singing ability, and at times I believe he sounded better then Lloyd. Really a song to play to your chick after a long day of work haha! Not really a fan of this type of music, but it was still set up well and executed dopely. Beat was very nice too.

8.Say Whats Real
The beat is Kanye’s ‘Say You Will’. Which offcourse sounds very dope. The song shows a lot more emotion from Drake. “they stick around kickin out feedback and I entertain it as if I need that” – “somebody gotta take this or make hits, and like a bitch that aint married I aint miss!” This song has way too many quotables to say in a review, you just gotta go listen to it yourself.

9.Little Bit ft Lykke Li
This is a feel good track in my opinion. The beat, chorus and overall feel of the track gets me in a happy mood haha. Drake sings alongside Lykke Li and it sounds awesome, Drake mostlys sings in this track but has a quick rapping verse around halfway through. But unlike the other singing songs, this song’s chorus and female presence helps the track flow.

10.Best I Ever Had
The fan favourite and ever growing popular song, Drakes version of Cudi’s Day n Nite, but without that much hype. Already with a video clip out and performances of this song everywhere. A big female favourite too, everything in this track is produced and executed so well. If you haven’t heard this get out from under your rock.

11.Unstoppable ft Santo Gold & Lil Wayne
Love this song, starts off so mellow and explodes once the chorus hits. Drake starts off “I got a decent set of manners and a job that fills up any empty schedule or planner” But the chorus is very different for a rap song, but it fits so well. You know Weezy comes with some heat too.

12.Uptown ft Bun B & Lil Wayne
This to me, is a more traditional rap type beat, got the hard bass line with a clap just before it hits. Dope. Drake switches up his style nicely – “I’m doing classic shit in all my sessions, other niggas situations they are all depressing”. Drake does sound very Wayne like in this verse but it still fits together well, He sings the chorus which sounds great too. Bun B and Wayne finish off the power collab strongly.

13.Sooner Than Later
The beat on this track is its best quality, although Drake displays some of his incredible singing skills on this track, the beat was just perfect. Drake shows how easily he can step to his singing and pull it off no worries. Sends the message that if you can’t do both and your coming up. Good luck! Haha

14.Brias Interlude ft Omarion
This is basically just Omarion singing random melodies, the beat is nice. But that’s it, its just an interlude so I wont rate this.

15.The Calm
This track is very nice. Beat sounds very weird but so easy to vibe to, Drakes on his rappin steeze and it sounds dope. Another track that is just pure fire crack from Drake. So many quoteables but I liked “Try enjoy myself at Miami at the game, I just wish he really knew how much he weighed (wade) like Dwayne” and “I had a rolls and I went and got a range and he paying for his cigarettes with dollars and some change”

Not going to rate this either, basically just a bottles pop for the end of the tape and a piano plays you out.

17.Brand New
Not sure why this was put after the outro. Pretty laid back track, reminds me of Omarion but its nice. Just singing in this one, but the chorus is really really catchy, a good little add-on the the tape itself.

18.Congratulations (Bonus)
Probably my favourite track on the tape, it is a bonus but its dope as hell. Drake lets it all rip on this track, This is my pick for a MUST HEAR if you haven’t heard any Drake, “I’m next to blow, pause, and I cant hear the critics talking over the applause! I try tell em future let em know, send the haters all my love x and o’s!” Straight crack.


I can respect the hype around Drake, because he deserves it, if he can keep up with this for the album we are watch the making of a new superstar! Good Luck Drizzy, we will be waiting on the album!!

Click below for the download of SO FAR GONE!

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