Ezko – Before the Tape Drops

Ezko is a powerful lyricist who intricately laces very philosophical messages in his music while still retaining a level of social appeal. Below you’ll find a link to a small 7 track promotion tape we’ve pieced together (entitled: “Before the Tape Drops”) which cleverly explores the amorphous identity of today’s youth.

The video for the opening track entitled ‘Rampage’ (which you’ll find below as well) artistically depicts the battle many youth face when being bombarded by pressure from their peers along with the media to succumb to an idolized lifestyle. ‘Rampage’ metaphorically presents this battle as a spiritual one resembling that of a demonic possession that forces it’s host to behave in accordance to the stereotypical ‘Rappers’ mentality. Each of the tracks that follow ‘Rampage’ take the listener on a journey through the struggle of todays modern day youth, while simultaneously unveiling excerpts of Ezko’s life story.

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