Flyfest 2012 – Ft. Sean Price, Doughbeezy, Guilty Simpson, Killa Kyleon, Jackie Chain, K-Rino, ESG, & Many More

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Flyfest 2012, @ Numbers in Houston Texas, presented by Turnin Headz & Lunaface. Houston’s only all-day hip hop festival featured performances by: Franchise & Yung, Drama the King, Ensane, Bishop Black, Alibi Rankz, Marcel P Black, Loz the Lyric3st, K-Rino, Harkore, Jon Black, The Forces, Muerte, Roosh Williams, Hollywood Floss, Tawn P, Dirty & Nasty, ESG, Noon, t.h.e MisFit Crazy8, Renzo, Rob Gullatte, Twenty Eleven, Jackie Chain, Kyle Hubbard, Killa Kyleon, Guilty Simpson, Doughbeezy, and Sean Price.

As you can see, that’s a pretty fucking insane line-up. Fourteen hours of super-dope hip-hop. We were very much looking forward to this show. Also, Sean Price in Houston? Craziness. I’m just going to get right into, and keep the set overviews a bit shorter than usual, so that this post is not as gigantic.

We arrived a little late, so the first act we saw was Alibi Rankz. His music is lyrically dope, very authentic, and always has substance. He also always has a dope stage show, and puts a lot of heart and energy into it. Make sure you pick up his latest mixtape if you have not already, and be on the lookout for a new music video that should be coming out in the near future.

Marcel P. Black was next on stage. An act from Baton Rouge that I wasn’t familiar with. He’s apparently a social worker by day, so his songs where also packed with substance, as well as social and political commentary. He also put a lot of energy into his set, and interacted with the crowd well. His mixtape is dope also, so be on the lookout for more from Marcel P Black on REUPSpot.

K-Rino, founder and head of the legendary South Park Coalition, and two-time Flyfest headliner was next on deck. K-Rino is insane on the mic. The SPC recently turned 25 years old, and for even longer than that K-Rino has been a lyrical beast. His music is smart, thought-provoking, and lyrically nuts. Great set. Make sure to fuck with K-Rino, and the SPC.

Loz the Lyric3st followed K-Rino, which seems fitting. Loz is also an insane lyricist. Along with writing dope music, he is also apparently a dope battle rapper. Generally speaking, really good battle rappers tend to not make great music, cause it just ends up sounding like their battling the listener. Obviously, it can be done (For instance Eminem), just talking generalities. So that’s dope. Check out his mixtape Street Science if you haven’t already.

Harkore, Mr. BRRRATTT, was up next. Along with him, was The Radical One (I believe that was his name). Harkore is another one of a handful of artists on the lineup that we hadn’t seen live. He’s got a pretty unique style. While he’s from Houston, his music seems to have a bit of East Coast inspiration, with some reggae culture and his spanish roots mixed in. The Radical One, for instance, signs the choruses in his Jamaican accent, and brings in a bit of the dancehall style to the tracks. It’s a really dope sound. Make sure to check out Harkore, who also recently dropped a track with Bun B.

Next on stage, was Jon Black, aka Risky Sex. Apparently. He came prepared to wreck the stage, and did just that. He’s always got a good amount of energy, and trys to connect with the crowd, big or small. His music is very dope. Lyrical, San Diego inspired style. Make sure you download his latest free mixtape, #Lightwork. Also, REUPSpot representative DJ Creap was on the ones and twos for Jon’s set.

The Forces, which is Dj Arsnik & Mr. X, followed Risky Sex. It’s an interesting act because DJ Arsnik is the DJ, but also a rapper. They make good party music, and always have a blast on stage. Fuck with The Forces, party people.

Hollywood Floss, who brought along Kidd the Great & Hashbrown, was next up. Hollywood Floss has a shit-ton of energy on stage. He was running around all over the place. Kidd the Great was more of a singer, and reminded me of Cee Lo. It was a pretty cool, high-energy set.

Tawn P, the lone female MC of Flyfest, followed up the trio. She had a drummer, bright pink dreadlocks and her own style. Music was lyrical, and very dope. We’re seriously on a run of dope, very lyrical rappers so far today, by the way. Lots of energy, and made good use of the large stage. Dope set.

Following Tawn P, were the always entertaining Dirty & Nasty. Their music is dope, and they always put a ton of effort and thought into their stage shows. They are still one of my favorite live acts, and I’ve seen a bunch. So obviously, they took full advantage of the aforementioned large Numbers stage. Dope set, and music.

Original Screwed Up Click Member, E.S.G was next up. I’ve been jammin’ E.S.G since back in the day, so I was really looking forward to his set. He did not disappoint. First off, he started off his set with a freestyle. You know it was a freestyle, because he was free styling about the FlyFest banner on stage, telling Purple Bastard to stop tweeting, and even gave Dirty & Nasty, and REUPSpot, a shout out. Super dope start to the set. He then did a mix of his dope tracks, some older some newer. He then ended the set with another freestyle, just like the first, freestyle about people in the crowd, and other things in the room. Really cool set.

Noon was up next. The last of the acts I wasn’t very familiar with. I had seen him around a few times, and know he’s out there grinding. His music has a clearly Houston sound, mixed with a fresh, lyrical style. He also has a guitar player, who as it turns out is his father. So that’s cool, good to have support from the fam. He also had a lot of energy, and was jump around on stage. Good set.

t.h.e MisFit Crazy8, followed Noon. A little before his set, I saw some people walking around in all black, and carrying white masks. I knew they somehow had to be involved in Misft’s set. And they were! He tends to put on a whole production with his shows. Which is fitting, because his music is very unique and original, and his shows reflect that. You want fresh new music, you say? Fuck with MisFit.

Next up, F.U.C. President, Renzo. He makes music for grown folks. It’s great stuff, often times real & thought-provoking, and often times funny as shit. He’s got a well rounded styled. His stage shows pretty good. There’s always some point where he talks to the crowd as well, and that normally goes over good. Overall, great music and a good set.

Rob Gullatte, followed Renzo. I’ve actually been jamming his latest project, Abortion The Project, a lot lately. It’s pure fire. His stage show is no different. He also always has a shit-ton of energy, as do the couple hype men he generally has with him. He also always wears a robe at some point during his set, why I’m not sure. Music is very dope though, and he’s got a very aggressive, lyrical style and delivery. Get ATP.

Twenty Eleven was next on deck. They are a unique group, in that it’s a mix of hip-hop, rock, and soul. Along with they’re DJ, DJ Motai, they’ve got a drummer, who also at times plays guitar. All of the group members are good at what they do, and always have a lot of energy on stage.

Alabama representative Jackie Chain’s set was next. Before I get to his set, let me say that he got there a long time before his set, and stayed a long time after. He was just in the audience, jamming out to the other acts and talking with people. So that’s what’s up. He also seemed to have a blast on stage. Lots of energy, and him and his hype man had solid deliveries. As was the trend for the day, Dope set.

Next up, was a shortened Roosh Williams set. It was also a accapella set, as well, which was new. I forget the reason he had to do that, but there was one. Anyway, it was dope. Roosh is a really lyrical, often times fast-paced, rapper. Wish he would have been able to do a few more songs, but glad he was able to at least get these in. The crowd loved it, as well.

Following Roosh, was his high school friend Kyle Hubbard. They have both become very dope, and accomplished artists. Kyle’s latest album, “You’re Not That Special”, is extremely dope, and remains one of my favorite albums of the year, by far. It’s very honest, thoughtful, introspective music with substance. If you don’t already have it, you should immediately download, or purchase on iTunes, “You’re Not That Special”.

Killa Kyleon was next up. He was a crowd favorite, and bodied the stage. His music lately has been very lyrical, and delivered extremely confidently and aggressively. On top of that, he also has some banging beats. (That ‘Bodies Hit the Floor’ beat, and whole song, for instance) Very dope set, which got the crowd going.

Doughbeezy, the SouthEast Beast followed Killa Kyleon. Doughbeezy has been everywhere lately. Blue Magic, his latest project, is packed with solid music, and huge features like Bun B, Slim Thug, and Killa Kyleon. He puts a lot of energy into his stage show, and people loved it. He’s got a loyal following, that just appears to continue to grow. Pick up Blue Magic if you haven’t already, and find out why.

Guilty Simpson and Sean Price where up next. They were going to each have individual sets, but at this point, about 1:45am (and having to stop at 2:00am – though in the end, they ended up going till about 2:30-3:00am), that didn’t seem feasible, so they joined forces. I’m personally a Sean Price fan, but didn’t know to many people down here that listened to him. But there were a decent amount of people rapping along to ever word he said. Both Sean Price and Guilty Simpson had dope songs, and preformed them like the pros that they are. I’m sure that sounds bias, as a fan, but what can I say.

And that, ended the all-day celebration of quality hip-hop that is Flyfest. This was the best show I have been too, line-up wise, by far. It was just insane having this many dope rappers back to back. Big shout out to Turnin Headz, and Lunaface for putting on the show, and for all of the artists and fans that came out. We’ve created an overview video that covers the whole show, as well as a few videos from the headliners. Make sure to check those out, and please share with a friend! And of course a lot of pictures. Enjoy.

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