A collaborative effort between Mantis Productions and local Houston rappers Franchise & Yung. “The 3 EP” scratches at an idea that we developed of wanting the listener to feel like they are in the room with the artists, as they are performing it, experiencing all of the in between. Its also much of an idea to include mistakes, first takes and background noise to shed more light on the real aspect of music and the people behind it. “3” is our answer to all of the over compensated production currently overwhelming the mainstream, specifically in hip hop. As it opens with “There is life in Houston” its a reminder to people who may doubt the existence of raw talent and passion, truth and geniune love for music and how it can be a positive and enlightening experience, or just fun. “The 3 EP” is an artistic expression that came out of creative bonds and hunger to progress and perform. It is also a message to those who feel like they are alone, you are not. We began recording and composing this record in May 2011 and it features production from both Nicholas Greer and Franchise & Yung.

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