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What’s going on FS, How have you been?

I’ve been real good man. Just remaining and maintaining, you know how it is.

Thanks for sending us “Goodnight World” to post. How has the feedback for it been?

It’s crazy I’ve gotten nothing but great feedback. Everyone I came in contact with that took a listen to it thought it was dope! Even more so the people that have been following my music from a few years back were even more excited about it, because they’ve witnessed my growth from each tape to
the next. This is definitely the biggest jump I’ve ever made.

Before we get into details of the project…I’m listening to “The City Rmx”, Let everyone know where you are from and how is inspires you as a person and a musician.

Ahh man haha, ok let me set the record straight. I was born and raised in Maryland, PG County, but D.C was like a second home to me. I was always in D.C day in and day out. So on record, you might hear me reference both of them because I consider them like my mother and father haha. Can’t favor one
over the other ya know.

As far as those places inspiring me as a person and musician, It’s kind of hard to explain. I see Maryland as more laid back and chill, and I see D.C with a more braggadocios vibe. As a person I’m laid back and chill. Real
smooth with it. As a rhymer haha I’m definitely all in your face “i’m better than you” while showboating on some Roy Jones Jr in his prime type guy. So I can say MD inspires me as a person and D.C inspires me as a rhymer. You can definitely see the mixture in some tracks.

So “Goodnight World” is a sequal to your first project “Good Morning America”, how do they differ and how are they alike?

Thats a good question. With “Good Morning America” I was focused on showing the music world that I’m here, I have something to say, and I’m coming for that top spot. And when I say that I’m coming for the top, some cats might look at it like I’m just some kid trying to make a name for myself, and maybe brushed that statement off. Or maybe thinking I’m not ready for it. Then, after like a year hiatus, I came out with “Goodnight World”. I look at that project as a knockout punch for the people who have been dozing off on
me. Or if anything that huge haymaker that made you realize who your in the ring with haha. So GMA & GNW both are alike with the same focus.
Now musically they differ because GNW is way more refined then GMA. I was still trying to find my sound with GMA, so I was all over the place production wise and the tape itself was like 30 tracks haha. But when GNW
came around I was more in tune with my sound and the vision I was shooting for. And I sorta took advice from my boy Mark II. When he review GMA, the original track for The City was on there and It sounded like I should of been saying I was from Brooklyn with the production on that record. So I went back to the lab and hit up Best Kept Secret, this well known production team from D.C with the go-go sound from out there, and redid the song. So I definitely targeted the right sound for GNW.


I know BMR had a part of this project, so how did y’all get together? How much of an impact did he have on “Goodnight World?”

Well BMR (my man 50 grand haha I’ve know em since elementary school) did the mixtape artwork for this tape and the last one so he was a part of the project in that aspect. And around the time I was recording this mixtape, heand crew “STB” just created a new blog called Back To Pluto. So since he’s done alot for me as far as designing goes and he is like an avid listener of my music also, since like wayyy back, I thought I would try and help him out. BMR and I came up with the idea of hosting my mixtape exclusively on STB’s blog so that all the traffic would go there and get them some more exposure. So with all his followers and all my followers, it came out to be a great success with all the downloads and what not. So yeah that was really
dope. Future Sound & STB have like an official co-sign lol So most of my new tracks and exclusives will be on there. And on here of course haha.

Any future collaborating between you guys?

Yeah he’s putting together a compliation mixtape for the STB blog, so you’ll hear me on that tape a few times. Not sure on a date yet, but we’ll keep everyone posted.


Speaking of the future…What are you constructing right now?

Right now I’m about to get back in the studio and start working on my album.
I just might leave mixtape rap alone for a while. But this album is going to be epic. I have well known producers lined up for this and I plan on taking off with this one. You’ll see

Any labels currently looking your way?

Yeah I actually have a few looking my way,but I’m not going to drop any names because nothing is set in stone yet. I’m just going to continue to do what I do best and when I do make that label jump, I’ll be ready to take full advantage of that situation.

What/Who is/are your biggest inspirations?

That’s a tough question because I’m influenced by everything. Everything from Daft Punk to Flying Lotus to Jay-z and Andre 3000. I’m all over the place man haha.


Let’s find out some of Future Sounds favorites…
Song (at the moment)?

I would probably say Stereolab- Florecenceses


It’s this one latin quote *”non est ad astra mollis e terris via*” There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.

Hobby (other than music)?

Nothing…Haha nah I’m a fashion designer working on my crew and I’s new clothing line Kemish & Coolidge. It’s currently in the works. Shoutout to Bravo & Suzi Q

Top five artists?

Jay-z is numero uno and after that its interchangable.

Andre 3000
Black Thought(The Roots)
Lupe Fiasco

Clothing Brand?

Right now, I love rocking Play Cloths


Kayne’s Blog is dope

All right…Thanks for your time and the opportunity to interview you. We hope to affiliate and collaborate with you in the near furute. Got any shoutouts…?

Haha thanks man. Likewise

Shoutout 1st & foremost to the TSR crew Dex. Fizz, Pandana, Lil T.
Shout out to BMR,Rmell & STB
Mark II, Mac, 89er, Werd, Slik D, Peng P Wuddup!
Shoutout to Bravo & Suzi Q 09 till infinity ya’ll lets take it to the top!
Shoutout to Reign FL
Shoutout to her…(she knows who she is :) )

and thats about it

Future Sound outty 5thousy


Goodnight World

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