Gary Samurai-Sleepless In Atlanta (EP)

Here it is, everyone! I would like to proudly bring you the project that is…Sleepless In Atlanta. I put so much work & heart into this project. It’s truly an upgrade from the “The Way Of The Samurai”, as it should be. It’s a lot more personal than anything I’ve ever done. I really hope that you all enjoy it & can relate to what I’m saying. I touched on topics that I NEVER thought I would bring up.“-Gary Samurai

Sleepless In Atlanta took me for a surprise mainly because of the theme Gary chose to base the album around. Going into this project blind I didn’t know what to expect because he hasn’t said much about it, but…it was a good listen! Gary has been making beats here and there and i’ve heard a few of them, but I can tell he saved all his faves for the project because these were on a different level than what I have heard from him. I won’t go into many details because this isn’t a review, but after a few listens and time with the project I’ll come back and drop my thoughts on it! for now just enjoy the ride! To Gary…if you’re reading this…You’ve earned your cheezburger

oh..and the cover art is tiiiiight

Sleepless In Atlanta“, sponsored by ’93 Until Clothing & Eximious95 Apparel.

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