G.o.D. Jewels – Greatness Opens Doors

Chicago Hip Hop at it’s finest here. Enjoy it as G.o.D. Jewels takes you on a journey.

Open The Door (Prod. By Flu)
All Things ‘Go (Prod. By Plan)
Old Folks (Prod. By Flu)
Keeps You Running (Prod. By TIME)
The Frozen Moment Interlude (Prod. By TIME)
The Cusp Ft. Jelisa Nicole (Prod. By E&J)
Jesus Piece (Prod. By TIME)
Aqua Flow (Courant D’eau Turquoise) (Prod. By Plan x TIME)
Make It Look Good Ft. The Boy Illinois (Prod. By E&J x Ms. Polka Dot)
R.A.C.E. (Respect All Colors & Ethnicities) (Prod. By Mez One)
Under The Act Ft. Tommy Mitchell (Prod. By Hero George)
Louboutin Blues (Prod. By The Baron Boys)
Perfect Man (Prod. By Flu)
Close The Door Ft. Jelisa Nicole (Prod. By E&J x The Baron Boys)

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