Got Milk? (Interview)

What’s good Milk? I noticed in your bio you’ve lived in a lot of places…where do you consider home?

I would like to think Baton Rouge is home because all my fam. lives there but im not there to much but if i could pick a place it would be there. but on the flip side i would say Pottstown Pa. most places i go people know my face. so Pottstown is my pplace to go if im lookin for love

What song of yours has gained notoriety that we could go listen to?

Dope its the first song on my page. and of course the Your a Jerk Freestyle. its on my page as nikki said this is fowl. All my songs are some what of a freestyle i stopped writein a while ago


Why have you decided to go off the top as to writing and perfecting your rhymes?

My mom always had a problem with me writeing. My family has a bunch of rappers but none that have taken it to the level i have. So shes looks at it like im wasteing my time. So when my raps started poppin up all over my room. She would see em and start spazzin cause not only was i rappin but i was useing profanity for no reason. i was 10 when i started rappin so it was a big deal with her seein me write the “b” word and things along those lines. but i didnt wanna stop rappin i think i feel in love with music from the gate. So i presured myself to put lines togeather in my head at first it took time. but I learned how to spit of the top and remember what i rapped.

That’s “DOPE”…haha just listening to that song. There are several artists using “milk” or “milkman”…so this leads me to asking, Why the name “Milk”?

lol I get this alot it makes sense to me put not to other people. I went by the birth name Matt or Matty for a while, if you listen to dope you hear Caspa say “Matty the potty mouth” but that name is so common, and i wanted somethin to stand out more then just matt. So i was sittin in my room think one day what is a good pin name. and first i wanted a dope name so i came up with “Neat-Oh” lol geekish. but i wanted somethin that ment somethin to me. and i like to think the skys the limit as far as my music goes. so I was like i do have one limit in life. im Lactose-intolerent lol so thats the only thing in life i cant have lol, its like my kryptonite haha


Haha, I’ll drink one less glass of milk in your dedication. Is there anything major in the works being done or is your next project independent?

Im workin independent right now but i managed to get a few glances by some major labels I was supposed to appear on Lunchmoney of Universal Motowns mixtape “Lunchtime” but he had a couple problems with the studio he records at so we still are workin on somethin but Im not sure if it will be on my mixtape or his second mixtape. and i also have a collab with B-Hitz from Rich Kids of Grand Hustle north on my mixtape coming in december “Spoiled Milk”

Hopefully you all work that out. What are we to expect on your upcoming project?

DOPE MUSIC!! alot of collabs.I love the new artist and the direction Hip-Hop is headed. So I got in contact with somebody ReUp is familar with,my homie, C.B. TV, Khloe from lbc, Caspa from dallas and i have to tracks, my homie S.I.R. has a crazy flow so we did a bunch of songs and i got a few more that the readers will have to go check out for there self of Sept. 10th

I almost forgot about the production goin into the mixtape lol. All the beats on the mixtape are originals most of them provided my boy Hoodfamous. I got him to come out of his zone a little for the tape. He makes alot of southern beats which is cool but im a old school hip-hop head. So hes makein me some oldschool sounds but with a new school twist.the whole sound is comin togeather great. so im really excited about this tape

It def seems like you are very excited for this project. How does your mom support your work now that you’ve gained a little buzz?

Me and the parents are on two different pages she doesnt support but she doesnt mind. I had my first show this past wendsday and she was actualy pretty excited for my i was busy bein nervous. but to basicaly sum up our realationship “parents just dont understand”

LOL, That’s cool though. How was your first show crowd wise and their response?

The crowd was a good size around 70 people crammed in a small bar. the response was crazy everybody loved it. On my way out an older couple they looked like they might have been in there 50’s said “I loved the show ill be back next week, with some more of my friends just make sure you come back with some old school music lol” and the best comment i got was from another musician Cody Kahmar signed to Endyo Records hes a singer he said to me “I dont even like rap but your shit was sick’ so i walked out with the biggest head ever lol

Again that’s “dope”. Are you into producing or fashion like you are with music?

Fashion man. im a pretty nifty dresser. Skate Board fasion in paticular. Dont skate but i can show you how to dress u wanted to lol. and im a sneaker head right now im on 32 pairs but ima turn 30 to 300 like night turns to day

That’s cool, Lupe-ish eh? Who is your favorite artist and why?

Jay-Z, his lyrical ablity is of the charts and everything he drops is sweet. I really focused in on rap during the Roc-a-fella dynasty days because of all the philly artist gettin signed to the roc. so that label over all influenced my music alot.

Well, I believe we’ve covered a lot of your life in a short interview…haha Got any shoutouts?

Of course, let the list begin lol…ReUp Spot of course. Hoodfamous and JTL Artist Management. The O-Boys. My Homies S.I.R., Khloe, Caspa, Pepermint Matty, Young Brizz, whoever came up with the idea of Video games, 308 old airport, the breccia family, and everybody doin good music, + the class of 2010 SENIORS BABY lol.


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  1. You are becoming big! You are doing so good with your music and its only going to get better! I wish you so much luck.
    I love your music its sickkk.
    Just keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing some new raps!

    And haha I wish I had that many freaken shoes!

    Well congrats =]

  2. well you seem very dedicated which is great ! i wish you all the best sucess sweetie !

    c/o 2010 hell yea !

  3. nice to see your doin work son i got some stuff..we should chat about hit me up on the space leave me a number…ow its chris becker son so keep busting that as since the lunchbox days get at me

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