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The corner looks deserted, it’s just about 7 in the morning and you can hear the birds chirping. It’s just another day in “Charm City”; an area notorious for breeding hustlers, drug fiends and the rampant crime which has inevitably labeled Baltimore the murder capital of the nation for many years. However, from “all the way over there in Morgan State” as the legendary RZA proclaimed in ’93, a diamond has emerged.

Enter Heru Gin, a 23 year old East Baltimore emcee with an uncanny capability of illustrating brilliant stories about life over rich and vivid sounds. The young emcee does not focus on the negative aspects of his city any more than the positive, rather he provides a unique view through his own eyes. By doing so, Heru Gin gives his listeners a surreal and gripping look into his every day life.

Music has always been a mainstay for Heru Gin since his early childhood when his brother would DJ and play records in the house. According to him, “I remember listening to (such records as) Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” and EPMD’s “Crossover” and I was hooked to hip hop immediately.” He first picked up a pen in the 4th grade and has been creating music ever since. Being faced with several family deaths at an early age, Heru Gin was forced to grow mentally strong at a young age and gravitate more towards music as an escape. Freshman year of high school marks his initiation into the Hip Hop scene as he discovered GZA’s classic album ‘Liquid Swords’. It was listening to this album that inspired him to start writing about his own life and to pursue music seriously. Even though future adversities would confront Heru Gin and force him to take a deep look at his future, Hip Hop has never left the equation. He knew he had to answer his calling and share his music with the world.

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