Interview: 050 Boyz

0hh 50 DAT! I hope your shows at the Newark’s Lincoln Park festival went well. How was it?

Tru Trilla – We splashed it up heavy straight up. The people let us know! Shout out to the whole of Jersey and the mayor of Newark, and my brothers Ras Baraka, Middy Baraka, DoItAll & 211Mg

Riq da Kid – O*50 Back Fam! :) Man we killed it, and the people were really with us trying to rock the songs and groove. Plus we had a lot of kids who felt inspired by the stage, that was dope!

Prince AK – It was a great show. We came to get busy & that’s what we did !!

How long have the 050 Boyz been a group?

Tru Trilla – Approximately 4years

Riq da Kid – Yeah, first stages were 2011, so 4 years

Prince AK – We’ve been operating as a group for about 3 or 4 years now

I’m sitting here watching Beats, Rhymes and Life so I got to ask… What do y’all do to keep the camaraderie alive?

Tru Trilla – We have fun with it, but it’s business at the same time

Riq da Kid – Try and communicate, even if there’s ever tension. Our combined energies motivate and inspire each other, so we share it. And remember that we’re together for a reason.

Prince AK – Lol. We just keep it 100 with each other, anything else would be useless

Riq Da Kid, how long have you been rockin’ a shirt with your name on it & why?

Riq da Kid – Lol. I just started doing that a few years ago. My brother Lava from Grafton in Newark always taught me to market yourself and let people know what you do. You never know who you’ll run across. Plus it’s promotion for my “RiqDaKiD” logo. But I am getting into apparell and I like style, so I’d rather it be me wearing me, so we’ll see what happens.

One more for Riq Da Kid…how many times have you heard “your sound resembles Freeway”?

Lol !! A few times. But I hear a few different artist comparisons depending on my energy and the song. But I’ve heard my pitch can be Freeway and a lot of times M.O.P, but that I just flow and rap different. But sometimes I’m talking to them on the track so to speak, or the song is towards women and it’s neither sound. So I dunno…..I just let things flow naturally.

Prince AK, would it be fair to say you are the ODB of the group? By the way…your flow is too smooth.

Prince AK – Lol That’s a compliment!! ODB was a character & hip-hop is more than just who raps the best. So hell yeah, that’s fair & I appreciate that you respect my flow. Salutations!

Tru Trilla, Rest In Peace to your grandparents. What lesson have they taught you that you can always take to the booth?

Tru Trilla – Honesty and that pure energy of an elder. Once a word is uttered, it captures the moment in time. Thanks for remembering them, salute!!

What were some of the trials and tribulations during the process of “Everything 050″‘s creation?

Tru Trilla – It was a lot of love, straight up. You know getting people together on the same page is great task, but also through turmoil we created a masterpiece with the help of Clinton Place and a host of warriors

Riq da Kid – Just finding our sound as a whole, and we’re 3 Alpha males so to speak!! All leaders, so getting on the same page of course. But what puts that into perspective is knowing we are a blessing to each other as brothers and we all bring something different to the table that works. So we all play our part, now that we know what our parts are

Prince AK – My only one problem was I wanted to give it away for free, then I wanted it to be sold for 1 dollar, I mean, the whole album!! lol

How does Newark, NJ correlate to the sound of 050 Boyz?

Tru Trilla – We know the history of our city, and the city could vouch for it. We was there, and our family was there. Those before us, and I’m not talking about rappers, I’m talking real dudes who know we won’t exploit our city like those who use it for their own personal gain, and have the nerve to scream the name in vain. BrickCity.

Riq da Kid – The history of music and hiphop from Jersey. But with myself also being from Illtown, East Orange as well as North Newark, BrickCity, I got a lot from observing Naughty by Nature & Rotten Raskals. Watching them taught me how to make a song. Music that happens to be timeless, and if you can perform it, great. You’ll always make money and be loved for generations to come, and I think and hope we inspire others to do that as well

Prince AK – The people appreciate our sound & they know us from the streets, so they’re showing lots of love & can’t wait to hear our sound

Why did you decide to feature so many other local artists on your group’s upcoming album, “Everything 050”?

Tru Trilla – Because a lot people don’t, and why not? When you keep energy to yourself it dies out. Like untold information. When you share it, the frequency grows stronger

Riq da Kid – To spread that love and showcase unity. We didn’t have to, but we wanted to show that Jersey artists can work together

Prince AK – Because we’re The Underdogs out here in Newark NJ & our town is flooded with talent that needs to be heard worldwide

Congratulations on the upcoming release on August 4th and I wish y’all the best. Anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Tru Trilla – Shout out to Reup Spot, big ups!! And thanks, much respect to the readers. August 4th, go grab that flame thrower Everything 050. Thanks for having us, salute!!!

Riq da Kid – Thanks family, 050dat!! Make sure y’all get “EVERYTHING 050” our debut album on August 4th and shouts to the Reup gang. 1 Luv Y’all. Peace

Prince AK – Yes, go buy Everything 050 on August 4th !!! Salute!!

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