Interview: AUNZ

I see you are from the DMV man and I’m sure you get this one a lot. How does the DMV influence your art?

I grew up admiring the work of The Clipse, Pharrell & Nickelus F. I can also say that living in the DMV influenced my art because this is where I’ve lived my entire life. All I speak on in my music are life experiences.

What inspired you to become an artist?

My childhood obsession with NSYNC. I used to be fascinated by their music as a kid. I’d listen to their debut album everyday in the 4th grade.

In less than 10 words, what separates AUNZ from the other aspiring, talented artists coming from the DMV.

My ability to apply my sound into any genre.

What is one positive and one negative of the music scene in DMV?

The positive is the fact that the DMV is rising as far as attention. The negative in my opinion is the division of artist. Everything just feels divided amongst the newer artist.

‘On Moves’ sounds different than what is on “LEAHLA”, how have you changed as an artist since the release in 2013?

I’m glad you noticed that… I was doing a lot of soul searching around that time in my life. I feel like I’ve tapped into myself more nowadays. I never feel satisfied though, I always wanna grow.

What can we expect from “Where The Wild Things Were” & how did you come up with the project title?

The first project I released in 2010 was called “Where The Wild Things Are”. I only went with that because the area I live in-is surrounded by a lot of woods. This is around the time the film was coming out when I came up with the idea. I’m sure not many people even heard it….. It might sound crazy, but life feels like it rewinded to my beginning process and pressed play again in 2015. I’m making the music that I’ve always wanted to make since I started. That’s what made me call it “Where The Wild Things Were”

Any features you care to mention? I know Nickelus F was on “LEAHLA”, he is pretty dope!

I have a record with 368 Music Group’s artist Phil Adé entitled “GR$$D J$$G”. We pretty much put our own personal twist on the CoCo record by O.T. Genasis.

What was the first album you purchased and what does that album mean to you?

NSYNC’ debut album. My mom purchased it though. It started everything, even though I didn’t pursue it until later in life.

What was the last album you purchased and what does that album mean to you?

The last album I purchased was Kendrick Lamar’s “GKMC”. That album saved my sanity. I wasn’t happy with my life around that time and one of my cousins was going through a life threatening situation. All of these things bothered me. That album was like mental therapy for me.

Share your favorite quote with us…

Carpe Diem

How about your own personal favorite bar?

“F*** a hater.. believe in you, You can do what you wanna do… Keep it G with God and your crew & your family too” .. Pretty much saying “don’t listen to the negative. Do right amongst everything & good karma with carry you”.

Thanks for your time AUNZ, anything else you would like to share?

To anybody that wants to pursue anything in life. Don’t pay attention to the doubts and fear. None of that is real. You have control over your life. Dream, believe & Focus. Watch what happens.


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