Interview: Bishop Black

First off, introduce yourself, and let us know where your from and a bit about you and your style of music.

I’m BISHOP V BLACK straight from Houston,Texas via 5th ward.My style of music is simple lyrics that i feel with beats that move the world.

How old where you when you first started to rap (write or freestyle)? How and why you got into the game, and about some of your early projects.

I was like 21 or 22 i started off as a writer and aspiring rnb singer.Me and my brothers had a group called 4 shades of passion but problem was there were just 3 of us.We all followed seperate dreams i’m the only one still foolish enough to do it.Early projects V.U.R.B-soul sonic movement was my only relevant project prior to signing to STEREO ARCADE.All those can be found on dat piff under my name.

What sort genres of music did you grow up on? What other genres beside rap influence you and your music?

I grew up on anything and everything great and of course radio was alot different.Rnb,Soul music,Alternative rock,Bluegrass,Gospel,Country,Jazz,and Classical.Most of them lol

What rappers/music do you listen to personally? Who are some of your all-time favorite lyricists?

Andre 3000,Cee Lo Green,Luther Vandross,curtis mayfield,Pharell,Norah jones,Prince,Rob thomas,Beck,Hudson mohawke,Rick blaze,Yuna,and of course us lyrically that’s why i’m unfuckwittable because i listen to the best.There are others but those guys do it for me

What is your main motivation for creating music, and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

When creating my heart and mind are open it’s like a natural conversation for me and honestly ask my friends alot of my convo is unreal lol.Who would make up shit like i live lol i should be a comedian.

Aside from being a solo artist, you are a part of Stereo Arcade. Often confused for a group, why don’t you tell us a bit about that, and who alls involved, etc.

Stereo arcade is a label that signed me and a highschool buddy Sokal who was in negotiations to shoot music videos for them.After being around us he asked me to mentor him on the music side after working with him i presented a situation that they should add him as an artist.I promised them that i would help him develop now dude is fucking nice.Still a work in progress well we all are.It’s getting real serious over here though we progress every year.Right now it’s just Sokal and I.

You have a very energetic stage show, and clearly focus on your performance a lot. Whereas a lot of artists seem to think of it as an after thought. How important is the performance side of it to you, and to the crowd?

That is my time to release ive been that way all my life. People should atleast wonder wtf is that lol i dont practice rehearse i just go hard. It’s like sports+music entertainment.

Speaking of which, you are about to embark on your Coyote Black tour correct? Tell us a little bit about that, how you got that nickname, and what people can do to help support it.

Well a few places i’ve performed i got a lil crunk and performed on top of bars or whatever is higher than the crowd to wind surf with my nuts lol.I looked back at some of the pics and was like ha “coyote ugly =sexy girls rocking on the bar so Coyote Black=sexy Bishop rocking on the bar”.It played right into my hands really. People can come out to the shows and [help] financially.

You’ve also recently started a children’s clothing line called “Space Boy”. Tell us a little bit about that, the story and motivation behind it, and where/when we can be on the lookout for the cloths.

The designs started getting so ill we said we have to set the example for this so we may make some kids version because my son is a “SpaceBoy.We changed it to be for anyone to rock it that’s fresh fly and doesnt land on earth for trends.We really have something here and shout out to BEAU POPE our official art director.”SKATER REBEL CULTURE” WILL BE FOR THE KIDS.I GOTTA ALOT OF SHIT GOING ON OVER HERE LOL

What do you think of the state of hip-hop in general? And do you feel like people outside the South automatically stereotype you as a ‘trap rapper’, or anything like that? I personally feel like that sort of thing is getting some what better, as the south has shown, especially recently, that we do have rappers than can actual spit. Agree, disagree?

Wtf are all of these dumbasses talking about anyway lol.People have been stealing our styles and we have been migrating blessing other parts of the world trying to get away from the syrup,swangas,homo thug imagery from other rappers around here.I’m never ashamed of where i’m from i just make really great music period same as i would if i was was north,east or west.The influence we show each other in the south is bullshit because of how we embrace a cat wearing a philly or new york hat with a fake ass youtube learned accent.We have spittaz down here but most wanna shine for they baby mammas,cappas,and boppers.I say shut the fuck up and make good music if u can

How do you feel about the Houston Hip-Hop scene specifically? As far as artists, and the so called ‘New Houston’ movement, etc. Who are you fuckin’ with locally? And is there anything you think could improve the scene?

It’s easier to tell u who i dont fuck with and that will tell u what i think of the scene lol.Most of these fools sound the same to me.Rsa is my heart to the death and it’s bigger than music with them.Almost everyone that yall fuck with i support the commercials are trash to me and not because they made it because they really suck.I dont do the clique homeboy,jocking shit.The killa kyleon’s,slim thugs ,etc music dont represent me.This new houston shit is a fad what’s new about rapping about the same shit.The only thing i do respect is the hustle.If u can make these people buy and support the same copy cat ,cookie cutter type rappers then it’s not on them.It’s on the fans.That shit isn’t lyrical or creative it has dick riding residue all over it.But who cares if it sales your shining and u got the same boppers ive fucked without the shine lol

What projects do you have in the works right?

Coyote black is finished,tour dates are coming to promote it,sokal’s mixtape “what’s next is out,3lr from sokal is being leaked,astronot’s 2 is 50 percent done,my wet fire video is up.Man we drop shit every week stay tuned at

What a some random fact that most people probably don’t know about you?

That none of what i do is about me,I give most of there views for BBW,I like to keep my scarf socks and boxers on during sex,I live in the hood but have no clue who the closet weed man in ratio to the cheapest,I like the smell of taco seasoning during sex(i dated a girl that worked for taco bell).Finally that all that shit is false except for the youjizz lol THANKS FOR PLAYING

Are you on a mission to only post in capital letters on Facebook?


Finally, where online can people connect with you, and check out your music?, TheBISHOPBLACK on youtube,or just google us were fuckin famous.HI MOM.Also i dont do beef so if u go snitchin to any rapper u feel i told the truth about in this interview don’t make me end these NIGGAZ LIL BUZZ THEY GOT

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