Interview: Breeze Mantana

Last time around you were interviewing me, what’s been going on?

I’ve been working hard Vick.just building. Working on building a solid fan base and a relationship with my supporters. Learning new things and strategizing. I’m starting to apply what I’ve learned in the last two years more this year. I dropped the Let Us Cook (EP)
Anyone who hasn’t heard it please go check it out it’s 12 minutes, 5 joints.
I’m working on some new visuals,new merch. Just pretty much sticking to the script and staying consistent for 2015.

You finished off 2014 with a mini tour “American Greed”, how were the reactions of your new material at the shows?

The mini tour was a great experience. It was like an experiment to me. Market research and also practice for certain tactics I’m using in my business plan.
The feedback was dope. Most of the material I performed at those shows were from the GoldMind Tuesday series,but I did new joints like “Laundromat Rap” “Married To The Money” and “NES”. one of my favorite shows I did was at SRB In Brooklyn and I performed “NES” there as the final song in my set. I seen the feedback instantly on their faces and people were clapping an excitement. I don’t want to give too much away about the song to those who haven’t heard it,but it’s dope it’s a creative story joint and it’s actually the last song on AGTSR. “Married to the money” is the next single I’m releasing for the project and it always gets the craziest reaction at shows. I’ve let a lot of people hear it and everybody says it’s a crazy joint.

Speaking of American Greed, you have been teasing the album for two years now. Where is it?

Yeah it’s been a while. I’ve only released one joint that was really going to be on the project which was caviar. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it yet. The project just changed and for the better.
A lot of things shaped on its own as time went on. I wanted to build anticipation for the project. Real anticipation,that’s one of the reasons why I did so many shows closing out 2014. I’m happy that I didn’t release it in 2013. I just came back home and I wasn’t ready. The project wouldn’t have been what it is now. Also during this time I learned much more musically and business wise. I’m doing this on my own so it’s a lot I have to be everything. No manager,no PR,no booking agent,no team. I was working on it the other night so It will definitely be out soon . I won’t say when till it’s 100% done but I have a date in mind.

Did I miss the release of “Blaze of Glory” with Michael Merlot & Shorts? If yes, where can we find that. If no, when can we expect more from you all.

Yeah we ended up not going through with it unfortunately. I had big plans for that project but the vision wasn’t matching up between myself and those guys. I’m still disappointed actually because the feedback from no gimmicks was crazy!!! We’re all still cool,it’s no bad blood it just didn’t happen. Creative differences. Those guys have projects coming out this year so you can look out for those. Merlot let me hear some tracks of his upcoming project “Better Late” and it’s special . Shorts has something coming as well, keep an eye out on those dudes.

Let’s switch the gear to reverse here and ask a question you asked me…. What was the first album you purchased?

I really can’t remember the 1st project I bought with my own money. It might’ve been fat joe “jealous Ones still envy” in 2001. I went to 4th avenue and paid 19.99 for that CD I was like 12,13 .i remember the 1st tape I ever owned was DR.Dres let me ride single my mother had it and I think I took it and kept it.

Looking back at the album, what does it mean to you?

J.O.S.E was a crazy for me because a lot of people counted joe out after pun died . it was a dope album and it went platinum. I Was already a big fan from his album don cartegena that I received for Christmas when I was like 9. I ended up going back to his earlier work ,so that album I anticipated great things from him and he didn’t disappoint me .
He proved everyone wrong and that was ill to me.

How do you continue to be innovative and what can we expect in the near future?

I just do me.I’ll never do what’s popular because everyone else is. I’m going to keep experimenting with my sound and different song structure. Searching for new flows and growing as a song writer.
Looking for new dope marketing plans and growing my support base. Next you can expect more visuals, more content in general . AGTSR And maybe a collaboration EP between me and my producers White Kids N’ Reverse. More Shows This Year .Dope Merch.contest and surprises. Just bigger moves and staying course on my path.

Any interests/hobbies outside of music?

Yeah I’m actually an artist. Like a real artist. Before I got into rap I drew a lot. Made my own comics and short stories. Painted, Things like that. I stopped when I started writing music and being outside more doing certain things. Art started to feel more like a chore,even up to not too long ago. I designed some of my merch and logos. It’s what everybody wanted me to do as a kid.
My mom,my family they wanted me to go to art school and things like that. I actually failed the test on purpose cause I didn’t want to go. I have plans to get back into it though. I forgot how euphoric and relaxing it is. I need another creative outlet so i will be jumping back into it ,I have a lot of ideas locked away in my mind. I have anxiety and I think too much so it would be good to do something more freeing.
Im also working on a novel but I stopped to get more focused with the music.once I get a few things accomplished this year with that ,then I’ll get back to it .

Anything you’d like to add….?

Just look out for AGTSR (American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge ) Go get the new EP ” Let Us Cook” ,Share it with your friends put everyone you know on. If you like my music share it with people , Tell everyone about it. Follow me on everything ,Everything @Breezemantana. Thank you for the platform I appreciate it !

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