Interview: Dave Vegas

Yo Dave it’s a pleasure…what up?

What’s good homie? Everything is grand these days. Just enjoying the creation process and building my fan base.

You been staying busy, how was the release of your project last year?

Oh yes,very busy! The release of Lady Luck went well for me. The response from people is overwhelming. People are really connecting with Vegas right now. Few great interviews and music conf. I’m loving it baby…..

Why the name “Lady Luck”?

Well when I listened back at the record before completing it, I felt really lucky about the sound and versatility of this record. I knew when any listener heard Lady Luck they would be drawn in by one or more tracks on this record. It has something on it for everyone. So I felt when you roll the dice with Dave Vegas and this Lady Luck album ,you don’t know what your gonna get,but I must say I’m always money!

I’ma be has a lot to offer and really showcases your versatility as an artist. Was that the point of this project?

Yea to some degree,I was just being me on this project. I can sing,rap and dance,so I felt to combine all those elements on one project. Showcasing my singing skills and rapping skills. Then showcasing singing and rapping together, and some music to make you dance. They are all the elements I want people to take to the heart when listening. I’m an entertainer to the heart.

You have worked along side with Tamar Savage, got credited for work with The Roots and have the shared the stage with many known artists…How do you gather all these experiences and improve from it?

All these artist are successful and I respect their craft. I know to get where they are takes dedication and hard work. I also realize working alongside some of them let me know I was doing something right. So whatever that is I have to improve what I’m doing right and take it to another level. Practicing, writing and performance practice will get me to the level I’m reaching for and beyond.

Your track Paparazzi is wild and mad creative…what was the inspiration behind it?

Well I lived in Los Angeles for a few years and made some good friends and connects. One of those friends was a guy who met up with me on Weds at a club. Long story short, I moved from L A and for a few years and decided to go back to record with a friend. I thought to call some old friends up while there. So I called the friend who went out with me on weds and we wanted to meet at our old spot. So when I showed up, he walked up to me and he had a big camera hanging from his neck. I was like oh,he wants a few pictures with me. But he explained to me he was now paparazzi for the stars. He said man dave this pays great out here. I said wow, are you serious? He said oh yea, this is great money. So at that moment I thought what will happen when I really get successful? Will my friend stalk me cause of the good money it pays or will he respect our friendship. That’s how the creative juices started to flow.

What are you currently working on for your future?

I’m working on a new ideas right now. I have to narrow in on a sound right now for this next project. Don’t want to make it so wide this time. I’m picking a few topics and sticking to them for the next record. I’m also working on making clothes for myself. Taking old clothes, leather and fur and making new creative outfits. I’m also working on a European tour this summer. I met a company production company in Hamburg, Germany. They want to add me to there roster of artist to tour all around Germany. So I’m nurturing that relationship as well.

What inspired you to go the music route with your life?

Well it all began when I was four years old. My mother used to dance around the house with me standing on her feet. We would dance to Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder. That’s what started my flame for music and entertainment. I knew from those moments I wanted to do something with music.

Funk, Soul, R&B, Gospel, Pop, Rap…etc What genre is Dave Vegas?

To be honest,I have a touch of them all. They all have an affect on my life and growth as an artist. I would say Dave Vegas is hiphop soul music…. Hip hop music has a big influence in my life. I deliver from the soul though. I give you my life with no excused or gimmicks. Whatever you hear me talk about in my music I’ve done it.

Thanks for your time Dave, leave with some shoutouts…

Shout out to JTL Artist Management,Q-ball,Pat Price, Mastering House, Eternal Image Tattoo,Salon Fiber,Sinatti Pop,HoodFamous,The High Street Music Company,Poppin Parties,Reclaim Clique,My skunskis in Germany,Cool Breeze…. Join The Movement!!!!

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