Interview: Endemic

From UK-to-Brooklyn, what’s going on Endemic?

I’m good man, thanks for reaching out, just vibing in Crown Heights ya know!

You recently signed with IDC entertainment (California), how did this come to fruition?

I’d been working with one of the distributors in the UK for a while through No Cure records, they actually put me onto IDC and the Managing director agreed to be my sponsor / employer for my O-1 artist visa for the States. We then agreed on a three album deal which is the duration of the three year work itinerary.

You are from UK but have strongly adapted your beats to a 90’s NY style… What influenced this and when did you find out this was your go-to style?

Its the true essence of hip hop that I love. And also am a big fan of the 60s soul sounds. So its always been my style since i started! It has been four years since Terminal Illness was released.

What is the major difference from Part One to Part Two?

Major difference is I have a much better and fuller sound now. I’m able to gel the emcee’s style to my sound a lot better.

You have a great track record working with artists such as Sean Price, Planet Asia, Hell Razah & many more great spitters. Who would you like to work with that you have not yet worked with and why?

People like MOP, Redman, Ghostface etc.. They all got that gritty flow which would suit my sound imo

Do you feel your success will open the lane for other UK producers or even rappers to step into the U.S. game? Name a few to keep an eye on.

Theres already been producers making moves in the us game.. People like beat butcha, quincey tones, p brothers, lewis parker etc have been making great music with big artists here for a while.. As far as album deals yes I think
we will see more of that for Uk producers for sure! It only benefits us all!

What are you looking to accomplish with the release of “Terminal Illness Part 2”?

Establishing a bigger following – esp here n the East coast and working on bigger projects / songs with major artists.

You got two albums left with IDC after this release, any idea what’s coming after that?

Yeah next year will be the “enter the virux” album with Tragedy Khadafi, we just did some new tracks for that recently and its sounding crazy! the 3rd album with be the final part of the Terminal Illness Trilogy in 2015.

Who is your favorite producer and why?

The Rza because no other producer utilised the soul voices in the way he did. A truly great inspiration

Recently Timbaland announced he will be working on a new Michael Jackson album, what are your thoughts on that?

Well I’m sure he will make a great commercial record, I’d personally rather see a more soulful based producer do a Michael record, somebody like Prince Paul – that would be crazy!

Anything else you’d like to share or say?

Thanks for reaching out and look out for all my projects and other production features! get at me on or @endemicnocure

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