Interview: Kloak ‘N’ Marshall

How did you guys decide to form a duo?

The DUO formed us! We’d been recording together for a while so we knew we could grace a song. In summer of 2012, things took a leap when we moved into a new studio, “The Lab”, as we call it. We experienced a musical renaissance. I’d craft some beatstrumental and Kloak would turn up and instinctively know where it’s headed. We’d go in the booth, cans on, beat drops, start flowing off the top till the beat stops. The result was a collection of freestyled songs that sound written with a purpose. It was like we were both reading off a cross-dimensional rhyming scroll. You have to let THE DUO be when that happens.

What’s the current state of the UK hiphop scene?

The UK music scene in general is going through an experimental phase and Hip Hop is no different. The days of walking along the street and hearing some sick sample straddling a thick drum beat and bass-line are not back yet. The consumers currently favor home-grown sub-genres. That’s understandable from a money-making perspective but it means we don’t hear much from the stalwarts of UK Hip Hop as much as we did back in the day.

How was “You Remind Me” written and recorded? What was the process?

“You Remind Me” wasn’t written! The verses are freestyles. We’d been going through personal circumstances but at the same time keeping an eye on what was playing out in the world around us and afar. We always have some words to say. It was recorded in our humble lab with the usual single-take approach. We run a basic lab as I believe you have to be able to handle a Ford to be any good with a Ferrari. Once the mic is on and the beat’s playing we simply open our grill and let the sprit speak.

Explain Gathering P.A.C.E.

Gathering P.A.C.E is a revealing movement encapsulated in an audio-visual project. It’s about releasing the art from the grip off the few. It’s rebel music! Energy music! Healing music! Reflective music! The three-volume album features 47 songs in total, along with 12 music videos. The listener is free to pick and choose what connects with them and expresses their own feeling for music.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2015?

Plan is to kick off the Gathering P.A.C.E. release with the Kloak ‘N’ Marshall album this summer. We’re looking at an August release. We’ll follow that with a release from Partnership Of Sound and then the third album. The third album is a collaborative effort with other artists. So far, we have songs from six female singer-songwriters. As with Kloak ‘N’ Marshall, all our connections have grown organically. Basically, we’re sneak-attacking in 2015 with the livest joints!

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